Monday January 24, 2022
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7/20/20 Teamsters across the country petition for O’Brien-Zuckerman Tampa, FL
1/08/20 Tampa Bay SDS says: End endless wars! Tampa, FL
4/24/20 Tampa students say no to unfair summer tuition fees Tampa, FL
8/18/20 Tampa demands justice for Jonas Joseph, ‘Community control now!’ Tampa, FL
12/13/20 AZ educators organize sickout amid highest rate of COVID-19 Tucson, AZ
4/21/20 Asarco strike hits six-month mark Tucson, AZ
6/24/20 Tucson police kill Chicano in custody; 3 officers resign amid investigation Tucson, AZ
9/04/20 Tucson police kill Chicano teen as he attempts to surrender Tucson, AZ
1/07/20 Week 13 of Asarco Strike sees more RedForEd donations Tucson, AZ
1/06/20 Tucson tells Trump: Hands off Iran! Tucson, AZ
1/19/20 Asarco strike nears day 100 Tucson, AZ
4/14/20 Turkey: A call from the Labor Party (EMEP): Let’s stop carrying this outdated system Turkey
1/09/20 Stand with the people of Iran and Iraq against the U.S. wars of aggression! U.S.
2/03/20 About the UK's withdrawal from the European Union United Kingdom
4/08/20 Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns attacks on Asian Americans United States
3/28/20 The U.S. should be working with China to end the Pandemic, Not provoking a new cold war United States
2/25/20 On a great trade unionist and revolutionary’s birthday, a reading from W.Z. Foster United States
4/12/20 ILPS U.S. Chapter Stands Firmly with Venezuela United States
6/05/20 Italian communists to Freedom Road Socialist Organization: ‘Fronte Popolare is at your side’ United States
7/12/20 On the growing economic crisis, unemployment and Marxist political economy United States
5/09/20 On the passing of Michael Lucas, immigrant organizer and friend of Soviet people United States
7/08/20 FRSO condemns Duterte's terror law, demands U.S. out of Philippines United States
7/06/20 Trump’s wrong, the Marxists are winning United States
6/25/20 United Electrical Workers: “All Workers Must Stand Against Police Violence” United States
9/07/20 Trump must be defeated United States