Tuesday June 6, 2023
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1/22/20 St Paul: Honoring MLK, Marcus Golden and stolen lives. Saint Paul, MN
9/23/20 Minnesotans demand climate justice now! Saint Paul, MN
6/21/20 Minnesota legislature fails to address police crimes in special session Saint Paul, MN
8/31/20 Hundreds march in St. Paul for clean Dream Act and legalization for all Saint Paul, MN
6/11/20 Native Americans pull down Christopher Columbus statue at Minnesota Capitol Saint Paul, MN
7/06/20 St. Paul protests Israel’s threat to annex West Bank Saint Paul, MN
2/19/20 Immigrant rights activists rally at MN capitol for driver’s licenses for all Saint Paul, MN
5/21/20 New revelations of police sexual harassment in the Lauren McCluskey case; protest planned Salt Lake City, UT
4/07/20 SDS pushes University of Utah on COVID-19 after victory on counselors Salt Lake City, UT
5/12/20 Court hears appeal of dismissed lawsuit by family of man killed by Salt Lake police Salt Lake City, UT
6/04/20 Protests for George Floyd continue daily in Salt Lake Salt Lake City, UT
5/28/20 Salt Lake to protest police killings on national day of action May 30 Salt Lake City, UT
7/20/20 Hundreds take to the streets in Salt Lake demanding community control of police Salt Lake City, UT
6/01/20 Salt Lake City erupts, demands justice for George Floyd, Bernardo Palacios Salt Lake City, UT
5/15/20 UPS Teamsters plan call-in to demand hazard pay Salt Lake City, UT
1/10/20 Salt Lake denounces war on the homeless and war with Iran at four energetic rallies Salt Lake City, UT
7/13/20 Cop tells man he’s about to kill, ‘You’re about to die, my friend’ Salt Lake City, UT
6/06/20 Protests against police crimes fill the streets of Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, UT
6/15/20 ILWU planning Juneteenth work stoppage San Francisco, CA
12/18/20 More signs of weaker economy point to a ‘double-dip’ recession San Jose, CA
6/12/20 Stock market tanks as reality sinks in San José, CA
4/05/20 Latinos and Asian Americans hit hardest by early COVID-19 job losses San José, CA
2/20/20 San Jose Day of Remembrance marks 40th anniversary with large turnout San José, CA
8/06/20 Washington DC deadlocked as 30 million have their unemployment benefits cut San Jose, CA
4/04/20 The recession has begun - will this be a depression? San José, CA