Monday August 15, 2022
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12/17/20 Working mothers, children to hold car caravan for COVID childcare leave at full pay Minneapolis, MN
2/22/20 Minnesota Governor Walz flees protesters demanding action against killer cops Minneapolis, MN
8/10/20 Brown Berets of Minnesota hold protest honoring Mario Sanchez Minneapolis, MN
3/24/20 FRSO online forum: A people’s response to the coronavirus crisis Minneapolis, MN
9/23/20 Minneapolis calls for an end to aid to Israel, remembers Sabra and Shatila Minneapolis, MN
4/04/20 AFSCME Local 2822 tells Hennepin County to halt dangerous work or debt mandate to clerical workers Minneapolis, MN
5/14/20 Minnesota Governor Walz decision to end many stay-at-home restrictions endangers public health Minneapolis, MN
4/03/20 Anti-war leaders condemn Trump’s war moves against Venezuela Minneapolis, MN
6/03/20 Minneapolis Public Schools follows lead of University of Minnesota, ends contract with Minneapolis Police Department Minneapolis, MN
5/12/20 Minneapolis vigil honors Carlos Ernesto Escobar-Mejia, first person to die of COVID-19 in ICE detention Minneapolis, MN
4/17/20 Book Review: Lenin’s What is to be Done? Minneapolis, MN
12/02/20 Native Lives Matter holds candlelight vigil on National Day of Mourning Minneapolis, MN
3/01/20 A progressive agenda for COVID-19 pandemic preparedness Minneapolis, MN
3/18/20 Minnesota: Hennepin County workers fight back in times of crisis Minneapolis, MN
5/12/20 Leaders from sanctioned countries condemn U.S. sanctions amid COVID-19 pandemic Minneapolis, MN
7/28/20 Minneapolis protest demands justice for Vanessa Guillen, Breonna Taylor, women lost to state violence Minneapolis, MN
2/27/20 Amy Klobuchar’s wrongful convictions, Twitterstorm will demand justice for Myon Burrell Minneapolis, MN
11/05/20 Minnesota: 646 arrested at ‘Don’t Let Trump Steal the Election’ march Minneapolis, MN
2/02/20 Minneapolis protest rejects Trump’s expansion of Muslim ban to six new countries Minneapolis, MN
4/14/20 Week of action demands that all immigrants detained in Minnesota be released Minneapolis, MN
9/11/20 TCC4J statement on court hearing for George Floyd’s murderers Minneapolis–Saint Paul
4/09/20 Fighting for Justice is Essential Work Minnesota
5/29/20 Continue the fight to get justice for George Floyd! Minnesota
6/04/20 Minnesota: Anti-War Committee demands justice for George Floyd Minnesota
3/09/20 Minnesota International Women’s Day: If we are organized, we can beat them, and we have a world to win! Minnesota