Friday September 30, 2022
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8/07/20 Justice for Travis Jordan - 38th birthday protest Minneapolis, MN
10/17/20 Minneapolis protest demands legalization for immigrants Minneapolis, MN
1/26/20 Minneapolis builds solidarity with Iraq’s mass movement against U.S. occupation Minneapolis, MN
12/31/20 Photo Essay: The Minneapolis George Floyd uprising Minneapolis, MN
4/30/20 May Day in MN - Twin Cities to celebrate online Minneapolis, MN
6/08/20 Minneapolis: ‘Disband, defund,’ or community control, of the police Minneapolis, MN
7/02/20 Minneapolis: No cops or corporations at Pride, escalating fight for justice! Minneapolis, MN
10/06/20 Technical workers strike at two Twin Cities hospitals Minneapolis, MN
3/18/20 Socialist countries response to pandemic shows stark contrast to capitalism Minneapolis, MN
1/18/20 Minnesotans brave a blizzard to challenge Klobuchar on Iran and Iraq Minneapolis, MN
11/05/20 Minnesota: 646 arrested at ‘Don’t Let Trump Steal the Election’ march Minneapolis, MN
12/20/20 Minnesota: Workers demand COVID childcare, caregiver leave at full pay Minneapolis, MN
4/14/20 FRSO leader Steff Yorek speaks out on pandemic Minneapolis, MN
2/01/20 Minneapolis protests anti Palestine “Deal of Century,” racist travel bans Minneapolis, MN
9/16/20 Pretrial hearing for cops that killed George Floyd, large protest demands justice Minneapolis, MN
8/10/20 Brown Berets of Minnesota hold protest honoring Mario Sanchez Minneapolis, MN
11/16/20 5 years after police murder of Jamar Clark, justice demanded in North Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
3/25/20 MN shows solidarity with Palestine during COVID-19 pandemic Minneapolis, MN
5/03/20 May 1970: Two weeks when an anti-war uprising changed history Minneapolis, MN
10/21/20 Hennepin County AFSCME fights to protect workers and community services Minneapolis, MN
6/03/20 Minnesota: Student protest demands justice for George Floyd Minneapolis, MN
1/24/20 President plans to expand travel ban to more countries Minneapolis, MN
8/23/20 MN demands ‘End aid to Israel’ during the DNC Minneapolis, MN
6/08/20 AFSCME Local 3800: Justice for George Floyd! Minneapolis, MN
5/26/20 Minnesota: Protest set to demand justice for George Floyd Minneapolis, MN