Tuesday July 5, 2022
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10/25/19 Tallahassee activists ‘Say her name’ and demand justice for victims of police crimes Tallahassee, FL
2/25/19 Interview with a Swedish communist leader: ‘Sweden is not a socialist country’ Sweden
8/26/19 Protesters block traffic at MN State Fair, demand end to police crimes St. Paul, MN
8/10/19 Police crimes protesters storm MN governor’s office St. Paul, MN
2/06/19 Twin Cities protesters say “U.S. hands off Venezuela” St. Paul, MN
9/02/19 Protesters demand MN divest from Elbit St. Paul, MN
3/17/19 Twin Cities Remembers Cordale Handy St. Paul, MN
1/19/19 Thousands join Women’s March in Minnesota St. Paul, MN
8/21/19 Representatives Omar and Tlaib speak out against being banned from Palestine St. Paul, MN
5/22/19 Abortion rights rally in St. Paul, MN St. Paul, MN
8/23/19 Activists demand Minnesota divest from border militarization contractor St. Paul, MN
9/17/19 Minnesota: Protesters demand Gov. Walz to divest from Elbit now St. Paul, MN
11/07/19 102 years since October Revolution Soviet Union
10/20/19 Patriotic Korean students enter U.S. ambassador’s Seoul compound, demand U.S. troops out now Seoul, south Korea
5/02/19 WFTU statement on a construction crane collapse in Seattle Seattle, WA
7/13/19 San Diego demands closure of Trump's concentration camps San Ysidro, CA
2/22/19 El Salvador: rally in solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution San Salvador, El Salvador
3/24/19 The good, bad and the ugly: Economic commentary on Friday, March 22 San José, CA
10/03/19 U.S. stocks slide for second day as recession fears mount San José, CA
2/19/19 Japanese American community slams Trump’s National Emergency San José, CA
8/14/19 Stock market tanks San José, CA
4/24/19 Social Security report leads to more calls for cuts San José, CA
8/25/19 Wall Street shaken by Trump tweets San José, CA
8/05/19 China’s response to Trump’s new tariff threat panics stock market San José, CA
4/27/19 Government report indicates signs of weakness in economy San José, CA