Tuesday December 6, 2022
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10/19/19 Philippines: Shooting of Bukidnon teachers is handiwork of military agents Philippines
4/30/19 Photos of massive demonstration to defend President Maduro Caracas, Venezuela
7/17/19 Police assault Salt Lake City pollution protesters Salt Lake City, UT
8/10/19 Police crimes protesters storm MN governor’s office St. Paul, MN
2/16/19 Portland ditches the Joint Terrorism Task Force Portland, OR
1/16/19 Prominent Iranian jailed by FBI: Demand her freedom Minneapolis, MN
1/02/19 Proposed Florida law would stop local governments from removing racist Confederate monuments Jacksonville, FL
8/03/19 Protest against police violence at Inland Port sit in Salt Lake City, UT
6/25/19 Protest at Minneapolis Pride challenges cop and corporate presence Minneapolis, MN
10/27/19 Protest demands justice for Brian Quinones Minneapolis, MN
3/25/19 Protest demands justice for the wrongfully convicted Chicago, IL
8/26/19 Protesters block traffic at MN State Fair, demand end to police crimes St. Paul, MN
11/16/19 Protesters demand end to Israeli attacks on Gaza New York, NY
9/02/19 Protesters demand MN divest from Elbit St. Paul, MN
9/20/19 Racine, WI: Demanding justice for Ty’rese West Racine, WI
5/04/19 Racist attack is cover for police crimes Chicago, IL
7/18/19 Rally demands “Justice for Isak Aden” Eagan, MN
6/15/19 Rasmea Odeh speaks on Palestine and political repression New York, NY
11/28/19 Read Friedrich Engels on Engels’s birthday United States
7/31/19 Reflections on the Sao Paolo Forum Caracas, Venezuela
6/04/19 Reflections on Tiananmen Square and the attempt to end Chinese socialism Minneapolis, MN
8/21/19 Representatives Omar and Tlaib speak out against being banned from Palestine St. Paul, MN
5/09/19 Resist the world’s tyrant Colombia
9/24/19 Resistance is key: The 2010 FBI raids on anti-war and international solidarity activists Chicago, IL
2/16/19 Response underway to Trump’s National Emergency to fund wall Washington, D.C.