Tuesday July 5, 2022
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8/15/19 Israel bans Representatives Omar and Tlaib from entering Palestine Minneapolis
8/16/19 Carnegie Library workers vote to Join United Steelworkers Pittsburgh, PA
8/17/19 The Hong Kong protests are an attack on socialism Washington DC
8/17/19 Milwaukee VA workers fight union busting Milwaukee, WI
8/18/19 Anti-War Committee denounces Israel’s ban of Omar and Tlaib Twin Cities, MN
8/18/19 Venezuela: Worker control vs. Trump's blockade Chicago, IL
8/19/19 Twin Cities activists say ‘No business as usual’ while cops continue to kill Minneapolis, MN
8/20/19 Say no to the McCarthyite attack on Chicago teachers Chicago, IL
8/21/19 Representatives Omar and Tlaib speak out against being banned from Palestine St. Paul, MN
8/22/19 U of MN Teamsters demand year-round work Minneapolis
8/23/19 Activists demand Minnesota divest from border militarization contractor St. Paul, MN
8/25/19 Wall Street shaken by Trump tweets San José, CA
8/26/19 Family mourns 18-year-old killed by East LA Sheriffs Los Angeles, CA
8/26/19 IAM members fired for union activity win legal battle at Boeing South Carolina Washington, DC
8/26/19 Protesters block traffic at MN State Fair, demand end to police crimes St. Paul, MN
8/27/19 Annual Chicano Moratorium program set for August 29 Los Angeles, CA
8/28/19 Israeli drone attack on Beirut suburb Washington, DC
8/30/19 FRSO labor delegation arrives in Caracas, Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
8/30/19 FARC-EP calls for renewed armed struggle Washington DC
8/31/19 Chicago students say, ‘CIA off campus!’ Chicago, IL
9/01/19 FRSO delegation attends President Maduro’s speech to international trade unionists Caracas, Venezuela
9/02/19 Protesters demand MN divest from Elbit St. Paul, MN
9/02/19 The very first Labor Day parade: "Let Labor Unite" United States
9/03/19 Boyle Heights commemorates the 49th anniversary of Chicano Moratorium Boyle Heights
9/04/19 Civil rights conference featuring renowned activist Angela Davis to gather in Chicago this November Chicago, IL