Sunday September 25, 2022
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4/21/19 It’s Lenin’s birthday, and here is what he had to say United States
5/05/19 It’s Karl Marx’s birthday, read his letter to Abraham Lincoln United States
8/28/19 Israeli drone attack on Beirut suburb Washington, DC
6/30/19 Israel unleashes missile attack on Syria Washington DC
7/25/19 Israel launches missile attack on Syria near occupied Golan Heights Washington D.C.
8/15/19 Israel bans Representatives Omar and Tlaib from entering Palestine Minneapolis
2/17/19 Islamophobia has no place in La Crosse, WI La Crosse, WI
4/09/19 Iran says U.S. military forces in Middle East are part of terrorist group, after U.S. puts terrorist tag on Iran’s military Minneapolis, MN
3/10/19 Intl Women’s Day in Philippines: Unite and fight Filipino women’s #1 enemy, the U.S.-Duterte regime Philippines
9/23/19 Interview: United Auto Workers on strike at General Motors Lansing, Michigan
11/05/19 Interview with Sarah Chambers on the CTU strike Chicago, IL
7/01/19 Interview with Jose “Cha Cha” Jimenez on original Rainbow Coalition Chicago, IL
5/22/19 Interview with Filipino trade union leader Ed Cubelo United States
2/25/19 Interview with a Swedish communist leader: ‘Sweden is not a socialist country’ Sweden
4/29/19 International Workers Day to be celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
3/12/19 International Women’s Day in Tampa: Fight Trump’s war on women Tampa, FL
3/12/19 International Women’s Day celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
3/08/19 International Women’s Day 2019: We have had enough of Trump and the war on women United States
12/22/19 India and the anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment bill India
2/07/19 In Zapata’s shadow, Minneapolis says “Yes” to refugees Minneapolis, MN
12/03/19 In photos: Refounding conference of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Chicago Teachers Union
1/10/19 In defiance of imperialism, Venezuela’s Maduro begins second term Chicago, IL
3/28/19 Immigrant rights delegation to visit U.S.-Mexico border Minneapolis, MN
12/04/19 Immigrant rights activists protest ICE detention at Sherburne County commissioners' meeting Elk River, MN
1/24/19 ILPS supports Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro against usurper backed by U.S. and ultra-reactionaries United States