Monday June 5, 2023
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1/16/19 Prominent Iranian jailed by FBI: Demand her freedom Minneapolis, MN
10/29/19 The contributions of the Chinese revolution have changed the world Minneapolis, MN
4/09/19 Iran says U.S. military forces in Middle East are part of terrorist group, after U.S. puts terrorist tag on Iran’s military Minneapolis, MN
10/27/19 Minneapolis: FRSO celebrates 70th anniversary of China’s revolution Minneapolis, MN
7/31/19 ‘Never Again is Now’ protest shuts down ICE in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
6/25/19 Protest at Minneapolis Pride challenges cop and corporate presence Minneapolis, MN
4/28/19 Trade union leader from Philippines gets warm welcome in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
3/19/19 Minnesotans protest Senator Klobuchar’s pro-war record Minneapolis, MN
2/07/19 In Zapata’s shadow, Minneapolis says “Yes” to refugees Minneapolis, MN
11/15/19 MN says: “No to U.S. coup in Bolivia” Minneapolis, MN
6/04/19 Reflections on Tiananmen Square and the attempt to end Chinese socialism Minneapolis, MN
9/13/19 Clerical workers confront U of MN President Gabel, Board of Regents Minneapolis, MN
11/13/19 “U.S. Hands Off Bolivia” protest planned for MN Minneapolis, MN
10/09/19 Massive Twin Cities protest to say “No to Trump” Minneapolis, MN
10/06/19 Freedom Road Socialist Organization mobilizing for Minneapolis anti-Trump protest Minneapolis, MN
2/24/19 Labor, anti-war movements unite to protest U.S. aggression against Venezuela Minneapolis, MN
5/22/19 Witness to attempted U.S.-orchestrated Venezuela coup speaks in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
10/27/19 Protest demands justice for Brian Quinones Minneapolis, MN
12/30/19 Make a resolution to build Fight Back! in 2020 Minneapolis, MN
1/27/19 Minnesota: Speak-out against U.S. intervention in Venezuela Minneapolis, MN
8/09/19 Jamar Clark settlement announced, community vows to keep up the fight Minneapolis
8/22/19 U of MN Teamsters demand year-round work Minneapolis
1/08/19 Minneapolis vigil demonstrates solidarity with refugee caravan Minneapolis
8/15/19 Israel bans Representatives Omar and Tlaib from entering Palestine Minneapolis
12/22/19 Minnesotans say: “No to U.S. endless war for the holidays” Minneapolis