Sunday September 25, 2022
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10/14/19 Tucson demands “U.S.-NATO hands off Syria” Tuscon, AZ
2/27/19 Trump wall protest in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
3/12/19 Trump orders terrorist attack against Venezuela Chicago, IL
8/03/19 Trump escalates trade war with China San José, CA
5/02/19 Trade union leader from Philippines visit graves of Haymarket martyrs May 1 Chicago, IL
4/28/19 Trade union leader from Philippines gets warm welcome in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
5/02/19 Trade union leader from Philippines get solidarity in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
12/28/19 Top 20 Fight Back! articles of 2019: the struggle grows and spreads United States
8/03/19 Tom Burke of FRSO speaks with Venezuelan Comunas leaders Caracas, Venezuela
10/14/19 Thousands to strike against ASARCO Tucson, AZ
1/19/19 Thousands join Women’s March in Minnesota St. Paul, MN
1/19/19 Thousands join Women’s March in DC, ignore right-wing rants Washington, D.C.
2/08/19 The ‘new’ NAFTA New York, NY
1/16/19 The WFTU stands on the side of the Los Angeles teachers Los Angeles, CA
9/02/19 The very first Labor Day parade: "Let Labor Unite" United States
8/17/19 The Hong Kong protests are an attack on socialism Washington DC
3/24/19 The good, bad and the ugly: Economic commentary on Friday, March 22 San José, CA
3/25/19 The Golan Heights is Arab Syrian land United States
10/29/19 The contributions of the Chinese revolution have changed the world Minneapolis, MN
12/22/19 The battle in ELA: Garfield High victory over charter Green Dot takeover Los Angeles, CA
11/18/19 Texas students say, “Defend DACA” Arlington, TX
9/07/19 Texas protest says “No kids in cages” Arlington, TX
1/22/19 Tentative agreement reached in LA teachers strike LA, California
3/25/19 Tampa students hold vigil for victims of Christchurch mosque shootings Tampa, FL
2/21/19 Tampa Bay students rally against Trump’s ‘National Emergency’ Tampa, FL