Wednesday February 8, 2023
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1/28/19 2-year-old expelled by mall, community demands disability rights Wyoming, MI
10/06/19 Day 20 of United Auto Workers Strike at GM Wyoming, M
1/07/19 UAW files lawsuit against GM to halt use of temporary workers Washington, DC
8/28/19 Israeli drone attack on Beirut suburb Washington, DC
8/26/19 IAM members fired for union activity win legal battle at Boeing South Carolina Washington, DC
12/21/19 Steelworkers sue Alcoa to keep retiree life insurance benefits Washington, DC
5/06/19 Defending the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC Washington, DC
5/27/19 IAM files charges against anti-union Delta Air Lines Washington, DC
1/19/19 Thousands join Women’s March in DC, ignore right-wing rants Washington, D.C.
2/16/19 Response underway to Trump’s National Emergency to fund wall Washington, D.C.
6/17/19 U.S. admits large unmanned aircraft shot down over Yemen Washington, D.C.
10/14/19 MN backs Rage Against the War Machine protest in DC Washington, D.C.
6/01/19 United Steelworkers authorize strike against Alcoa Washington DC
6/30/19 Israel unleashes missile attack on Syria Washington DC
4/01/19 Hundreds march against NATO Washington DC
8/08/19 China says it will continue cooperation with Venezuela, tells U.S. to stop bullying Washington DC
8/30/19 FARC-EP calls for renewed armed struggle Washington DC
6/22/19 IKEA workers vote to join Machinists union Washington DC
9/10/19 Hezbollah shoots down Israeli drone Washington DC
11/30/19 DPRK tests new weapon system and strengthens defenses Washington DC
8/04/19 FRSO leader slams racist mass murder in El Paso Washington DC
8/17/19 The Hong Kong protests are an attack on socialism Washington DC
1/01/19 AFGE sues over government shut down Washington D.C.
7/25/19 Israel launches missile attack on Syria near occupied Golan Heights Washington D.C.
5/21/19 Judge orders new union vote at Kumho Tire plant in Georgia Washington D.C.