Tuesday January 31, 2023
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10/09/19 Philippines: Protest movement to gain further ground amid deteriorating conditions under Duterte Philippines
5/25/19 Philippines: Expect the people’s resistance to rise further Philippines
9/22/19 Philippines: Resist and end Duterte’s fascist regime Philippines
1/09/19 Philippines: Denounce police surveillance against teachers and other democratic sectors Philippines
4/07/19 ILPS condemns Duterte for slander and intimidation Philippines
3/10/19 Intl Women’s Day in Philippines: Unite and fight Filipino women’s #1 enemy, the U.S.-Duterte regime Philippines
2/17/19 Philippines: On fascist cyberattacks and assault on media to silence the people Philippines
6/06/19 Filipino trade union condemns imprisonment of labor leader Philippines
5/14/19 On Duterte’s success in rigging the elections Philippines
1/16/19 Federal airport workers across Pennsylvania among 800,000 nationwide not getting paid during shutdown Pittsburgh, PA
8/16/19 Carnegie Library workers vote to Join United Steelworkers Pittsburgh, PA
7/13/19 Carnegie Library told to respect union drive Pittsburgh, PA
1/28/19 University of Pittsburgh faculty file for union election Pittsburgh, PA
2/16/19 Portland ditches the Joint Terrorism Task Force Portland, OR
9/20/19 Racine, WI: Demanding justice for Ty’rese West Racine, WI
5/05/19 Community forum regarding human trafficking held in Richardson, TX Richardson, TX
9/09/19 I-494 shut down to protest police killing of Brian J. Quinones Richfield, MN
4/25/19 Steelworkers condemn Dow Chemical for locking out Texas workers Rohm and Haas Texas Inc
5/02/19 Hundreds march to Minnesota Capitol on May 1 to demand drivers licenses for immigrants Saint Paul, MN
1/14/19 MN Black liberation movement holds 4-year anniversary vigil for Marcus Golden Saint Paul, MN
9/24/19 8000 march at Youth Climate Strike in St. Paul, MN Saint Paul, MN
6/03/19 St. Paul marks police killing of Marcus Golden Saint Paul, MN
3/01/19 Minnesota drivers license for immigrants passes first committee vote Saint Paul, MN
9/24/19 Community demands justice for Ronald Davis Saint Paul, MN
12/03/19 Activists decry Minnesota investments in border militarization, climate destruction Saint Paul, MN