Friday August 12, 2022
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9/24/19 Minnesota: Protesters demand end to human rights violations in Kashmir Columbia Heights, MN
9/24/19 Resistance is key: The 2010 FBI raids on anti-war and international solidarity activists Chicago, IL
9/25/19 “Suicide by cop” is murder by cop Minneapolis, MN
9/27/19 Chicago Teachers Union authorizes strike Chicago, IL
9/29/19 SDS strengthens at 14th annual national convention Jacksonville, FL
9/29/19 Milwaukee: Charges against anti-Nazi student dropped Milwaukee, WI
9/29/19 Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza speaks in NYC New York, NY
9/30/19 Mao Zedong on the founding of the People’s Republic of China China
10/03/19 U.S. stocks slide for second day as recession fears mount San José, CA
10/03/19 Young Lords remember martyrs and march for the future Chicago, IL
10/04/19 Labor unions to join national civil rights conference with Angela Davis in November Chicago, IL
10/06/19 Freedom Road Socialist Organization mobilizing for Minneapolis anti-Trump protest Minneapolis, MN
10/06/19 Day 20 of United Auto Workers Strike at GM Wyoming, M
10/07/19 ‘Joker’ isn’t a dangerous right-wing film, but it’s not great either Jacksonville, FL
10/09/19 Philippines: Protest movement to gain further ground amid deteriorating conditions under Duterte Philippines
10/09/19 Milwaukee: Residents urge the council to fund jobs and community, not more police Milwaukee, WI
10/09/19 Massive Twin Cities protest to say “No to Trump” Minneapolis, MN
10/11/19 Minneapolis overpowers Trump rally with mass protest Minneapolis, MN
10/14/19 Tucson demands “U.S.-NATO hands off Syria” Tuscon, AZ
10/14/19 MN backs Rage Against the War Machine protest in DC Washington, D.C.
10/14/19 Tampa Bay demands Supreme Court uphold LGBT job rights Tampa, FL
10/14/19 FRSO on UAW picket line Aurora, CO
10/14/19 Thousands to strike against ASARCO Tucson, AZ
10/15/19 My Poem to Latin America United States
10/15/19 Coalition to March on the DNC 2020 gets off to a good start with its first action Milwaukee, WI