Tuesday August 16, 2022
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10/09/18 Teamsters International VPs tell Taylor, Hoffa to stop UPS contract ratification Washington DC
11/14/18 Teamsters for a Democratic Union holds 43rd convention Chicago, IL
5/03/18 Teamsters begin strike authorization process amid UPS contract negotiations Jacksonville, FL
6/09/18 Teamsters authorize strike at UPS, huge ‘yes’ vote Tampa, FL
11/01/18 Teamsters 705 gives UPS 30-day notice Chicago, IL
9/22/18 Teamster militants pushing ‘Vote NO’ on UPS contract as balloting continues Jacksonvlle, FL
7/30/18 Teamster Local 89 urges ‘no’ vote on UPS contract Louisville, KY
4/18/18 Teamster Local 792 on strike against J.J. Taylor Distributing Minneapolis, MN
5/02/18 Tampa workers and students celebrate May Day Tampa, Fl
10/24/18 Tampa students stand against attacks on trans rights Tampa, FL
1/26/18 Tampa students say: “Bash Trump’s Racism and Austerity” Tampa, FL
10/05/18 Tampa students protest Kavanaugh nomination, stand with survivors Tampa, FL
10/10/18 Tampa students protest Kavanaugh confirmation Tampa, FL
9/02/18 Tampa SDS rallies against racism on campus Tampa, FL
4/16/18 Tampa rally against war on Syria held outside military base Tampa, FL
9/22/18 Tampa protests Jon Burge, Chicago PD torturer Tampa, FL
4/02/18 Tampa protest demands justice for Stephon Clark Tampa, FL
2/13/18 Tampa demands sanctuary campus, clean DREAM Act Tampa, FL
10/19/18 Tampa Bay SDS steps up pressure against USF administration Tampa, FL
11/07/18 Tampa Bay SDS rally demands USF not comply with federal agencies attacking immigrants Tampa, FL
4/24/18 Tallahassee SDS says campus should not honor slaveholder Francis Eppes Tallahassee, FL
5/17/18 Tallahassee rallies for working poor at the capitol Tallahassee, FL
1/29/18 Tallahassee counter-protest against white supremacists Tallahassee, FL
11/23/18 Tallahassee celebrates 101st anniversary of Russian Revolution Tallahassee, FL
3/28/18 Take ‘Em Down NOLA hosts anti-racist conference and march New Orleans, LA