Thursday June 8, 2023
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3/30/18 New York march demands justice for Stephon Clark New York, NY
3/30/18 FRSO leader condemns Israeli massacre at Palestinian Land Day protest Minneapolis, MN
3/31/18 PFLP leader: The Great Return March is a popular referendum on Palestinian rights and resistance Palestine
3/31/18 Read some Lenin on Ireland’s Easter Rebellion of 1916 Ireland
4/01/18 Minnesotans join with Palestinians worldwide on Land Day Saint Paul, MN
4/01/18 New York holds emergency action in response to Israeli massacre of Palestinians New York, NY
4/02/18 Tampa protest demands justice for Stephon Clark Tampa, FL
4/03/18 Statement by Jacksonville Palestine Solidarity Network on Land Day Jacksonville, FL
4/04/18 On the passing of Winnie Nomazamo Madikizela-Mandela United States
4/04/18 Looking back in history: Mao Zedong on the assassination of Martin Luther King United States
4/04/18 Arizona educators prepare wave of walk-ins Tucson, AZ
4/04/18 Thousands in Tucson rally for education Tucson, AZ
4/04/18 Labor, civil rights supporters march in Memphis on anniversary of MLK assassination Memphis, TN
4/05/18 Israeli drone attack kills Palestinian in Gaza Palestine
4/05/18 Workers in Philippines support moves to resume peace talks Philippines
4/07/18 Stock market falls again as Trump escalates trade battle with China United States
4/09/18 Thousands march in Crown Heights after police killing of Saheed Vassell New York, NY
4/09/18 New York rally in solidarity with Gaza New York, NY
4/09/18 “Marxists and Muslims" shut down racist speaker tour Milwaukee, WI
4/10/18 How big is the U.S. trade deficit? United States
4/10/18 April 15 Minneapolis protest to be part of nationally coordinated spring anti-war actions Minneapolis, MN
4/10/18 Part 2: Why is the U.S. trade deficit so large? United Sates
4/10/18 Utah police kill 20-year-old Teamster who was fleeing for his life. Protest planned West Valley City, UT
4/10/18 CP of Venezuela: We should learn from the political conflict in Brazil Caracas, Venezuela
4/11/18 UNF Students for Justice in Palestine kicks off Israeli Apartheid Week Jacksonville, FL