Wednesday December 1, 2021
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10/16/18 Chicago Teamsters consider strike at UPS Chicago, IL
1/24/18 Jaime Hauad, victim of Chicago cop torture, released from prison Chicago, IL
12/07/18 Picket lines strong in day 3 of Chicago charter school strike Chicago, IL
6/13/18 Ora Schub: In memoriam Chicago, IL
7/18/18 Third night of protest against police murder in Chicago Chicago, Il
9/13/18 Thousands of striking Chicago hotel workers march on Magnificent Mile Chicago, IL
8/27/18 Chicago delegation sees Palestinian resistance first hand Chicago, IL
10/05/18 Hundreds gather after guilty verdict in Van Dyke trial Chicago, IL
11/11/18 Chicago Teamsters to resume negotiations with UPS Chicago, IL
12/22/18 Chicago city council candidates support community control of police Chicago, IL
12/09/18 Chicago charter school strikers win major victory Chicago, IL
6/20/18 Survivors of police torture share stage with Angela Davis Chicago, IL
3/19/18 Interview with Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa and community leader Frank Chapman Chicago, IL
9/27/18 Frank Chapman recaps developments in trial of cop who killed Laquan McDonald Chicago, IL
10/28/18 Hoffa’s concessions not welcome as negotiations between UPS and Teamsters 705 continue Chicago, IL
12/04/18 First-ever charter school strike hits Chicago Chicago, IL
6/12/18 Angela Davis to rally with freed prisoners Chicago, IL
11/14/18 Interview with former Black Panther Thomas “Blood” McCreary and Frank Chapman Chicago, IL
9/12/18 Day 6 of growing Chicago hotel strike Chicago, IL
5/02/18 International Workers Day marked in Chicago Chicago, IL
2/06/18 Black Liberation and socialism celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
2/26/18 Chicago march for worker’s rights Chicago, IL
7/03/18 Open letter to our comrades and friends in the Black liberation movement Chicago, IL
2/28/18 CTA transit workers stuck with mediocre contract Chicago, IL
12/17/18 CTU members overwhelmingly ratify UNO/Acero tentative agreement Chicago, IL