Monday August 8, 2022
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10/07/18 No to the new NAFTA United States
4/22/18 Some Lenin for Lenin’s birthday United States
8/24/18 FRSO: U.S. Domestic Politics and the Trump Administration United States
12/26/18 Make time to read some Mao on Mao’s birthday United States
12/21/18 Commentary: Mao Zedong’s birthday greetings to Stalin United States
9/24/18 Look back with anger: The 2010 FBI raids on anti-war and international solidarity activists United States
12/11/18 Interview with MLPD Chairwoman Gabi Fechtner on fighting the right in Germany United States
11/07/18 101 years since the October Revolution United States
4/07/18 Stock market falls again as Trump escalates trade battle with China United States
7/27/18 FRSO: “From Puerto Rico, to the Philippines, to Palestine, people are rising up and fighting for liberation” United States
5/03/18 Marx at 200: A renewed interest in the critique of capitalism United States
8/16/18 Janus, anti-worker court rulings can’t stop a fighting labor movement United States
11/10/18 Trump handed setback in midterm elections United States
4/30/18 Freedom for Jesus Santrich! United States
5/31/18 Philippines labor federation KMU greets May Day events, 8th Congress of FRSO United States
9/26/18 Fighting Trump: Our movement and the 2018 midterm elections United States
4/13/18 Would slashing the trade deficit with China create jobs in the U.S.? United States
3/02/18 Stock market resumes fall amid growing worries about economy United States
5/05/18 Karl Marx: Still right after 200 years United States
9/03/18 The first Labor Day parade: "Let Labor Unite" United States
1/01/18 2018 New Year’s Greeting from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization United States
1/21/18 Book review: A Threat of the First Magnitude, FBI Counterintelligence & Infiltration from the Communist Party to the Revolutionary Union 1962-1974 United States
3/12/18 Is Trump starting a trade war with his tariffs? United States
5/19/18 The Legalization for All Network (L4A) slams Trump’s “animal” racism United States
12/29/18 Top Fight Back! articles of 2018: Deepening the struggle in the era of Trump United States