Sunday April 2, 2023
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12/22/18 Trump government shutdown gives coal to federal workers for holidays San José, CA
12/18/18 Stock market continues to fall San José, CA
10/30/18 FRSO leader condemns Trump’s plan for executive order against birthright citizenship San Jose, CA
9/18/18 Trump announces all-out trade war with China San José, CA
12/22/18 Capitalism, not the Grinch, stole Christmas from Wall Street San José, CA
11/24/18 Stock market falls again, pulled down by falling oil prices San José, CA
12/23/18 2019 recession looms on the economic horizon San José, CA
6/02/18 Trump slaps tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico, EU San José, CA
6/28/18 San José, CA: Free Leonard Peltier! San José, CA
3/16/18 Puerto Rican teachers to strike March 19 against privatization of public education San Juan, Puerto Rico
5/03/18 Puerto Rico May 1 march against austerity repressed with tear gas, pepper spray, arrests San Juan, Puerto Rico
4/30/18 Puerto Rican teachers pepper sprayed protesting school closings San Juan, Puerto Rico
6/30/18 Protest at the University of El Salvador against privatization of water San Salvadaor, El Salvador
7/06/18 Thousands of University of El Salvador students march against privatization of water San Salvador, El Salvador
11/26/18 U.S. attacks refugee caravan with tear gas at Mexico border San Ysidro, CA
2/03/18 Read the Mao Zedong article on battle of Stalingrad Soviet Union
4/21/18 Twin Cites peace vigil speaks out against U.S. intervention in Syria St. Paul, MN
3/28/18 Twin Cities solidarity with Ahed Tamimi St. Paul, MN
2/26/18 Union members rally at capitol to protect workers’ rights St. Paul, MN
2/02/18 Members of the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers take strike vote St. Paul, MN
9/07/18 Protest in MN against jail death of Hardel Sherrell St. Paul, MN
12/31/18 Trump, the withdrawal of troops from Syria, and the strange world of U.S. liberalism Syria
7/28/18 Commentary: Say Her Name, Justice for Nia Wilson Tallahassee
4/24/18 Tallahassee SDS says campus should not honor slaveholder Francis Eppes Tallahassee, FL
4/22/18 Florida State students protest U.S. aggression against Syria Tallahassee, FL