Monday February 6, 2023
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1/21/18 Salt Lake City protests one year of Trump Salt Lake City, UT
4/19/18 Salt Lake City protest against U.S. strikes on Syria Salt Lake City, UT
9/07/18 Salt Lake City rallies for Laquan McDonald, calls for community control of police Salt Lake City, UT
10/29/18 Students for a Democratic Society grows with 13th national convention Salt Lake City, UT
10/30/18 Salt Lake City: ‘We Exist, We Resist’ rally defends transgender rights Salt Lake City, UT
6/30/18 4000 rally in Salt Lake City for immigrant rights Salt Lake City, UT
4/30/18 Salt Lake City celebrates May Day, despite police harassment Salt Lake City, UT
7/03/18 San Diego march to abolish ICE San Diego, CA
7/11/18 Trump’s latest tariffs may make for a gloomier holiday season San José
6/20/18 Stock markets around the world rattled as Trump vows to escalate trade war with China San José, CA
6/26/18 Stock market slumps again on trade war worries San José, CA
11/22/18 Stock market can’t hold on to gains amid weak economic reports San José, CA
5/02/18 May Day march in San Jose San Jose, CA
10/27/18 Stock market falls again as GDP report shows economic weakness San José, CA
1/19/18 Partial government shutdown looms amidst Republican dogfight San Jose, CA
12/25/18 U.S. stocks have worst Christmas Eve ever San José, CA
1/15/18 Health care is a right, not a privilege San Jose, CA
10/17/18 Budget deficit soars as the Republican corporate tax cut takes hold San José, CA
3/23/18 Stock market sags as Trump fires first shot in a new trade war with China San José, CA
6/15/18 Trump administration’s trade war with China and the fall of U.S. hegemony San José, CA
5/02/18 May Day march in San Jose San Jose, CA
11/27/18 General Motors announces 15,000 job cuts San José, CA
10/13/18 Stock market slump raises concerns about the economy San José, CA
12/08/18 Weak jobs report feeds recession fears, stock market falls again San José, CA
11/21/18 Stocks and other financial markets in sharp decline San José, CA