Sunday April 2, 2023
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4/22/18 Strengthen the NDFP and carry forward the people's democratic revolution! Philippines
10/28/18 Philippines: “The US-Duterte regime is the main source, promoter and perpetrator of violence” Philippines
9/15/18 Philippines: Revolutionary forces to assist masses amid ravage of typhoon Ompong Philippines
9/23/18 Duterte must be held responsible says NDFP leader Philippines
3/25/18 Communist Party of the Philippines: Defend human rights against state terrorism Philippines
5/23/18 Workers at U.S. corporation in Philippines launch sit-down strike Philippines
2/22/18 New People’s Army inflicts heavy losses on Armed Forces of Philippines Philippines
4/05/18 Workers in Philippines support moves to resume peace talks Philippines
3/17/18 135th anniversary of Marx’s passing marked in Philippines Philippines
10/23/18 Condemn Sagay massacre Philippines
1/09/18 New People’s Army raids mining company in Philippines Philippines
4/30/18 Arizona educator strike day 3 Phoenix, AZ
4/26/18 50,000 Arizona educators strike, march on capitol Phoenix, AZ
9/29/18 15,000 Steelworkers at ArcelorMittal prepare to strike Pittsburgh, PA
5/31/18 Study shows real Puerto Rican death toll from Hurricane Maria at least 4645 Puerto Rico
6/14/18 Appeals Court hears arguments to defend Somali youth convicted in FBI entrapment case Saint Paul
2/20/18 Poor people demand more money, aid for all, at opening of MN legislature Saint Paul, MN
6/11/18 MN joins with international day of action for Palestine Saint Paul, MN
5/22/18 Rally at Minnesota Capitol targets deportations and Columbus statue Saint Paul, MN
4/20/18 Twin Cites peace vigil speaks out against U.S. intervention in Syria Saint Paul, MN
10/31/18 Minnesota elections: Defeat Jeff Johnson and all of Trump’s enablers and copycats Saint Paul, MN
2/08/18 St. Paul teachers strike set for Feb. 13 Saint Paul, MN
4/01/18 Minnesotans join with Palestinians worldwide on Land Day Saint Paul, MN
10/05/18 Salt Lake City rejects Kavanaugh! Salt Lake City
11/19/18 Salt Lake rallies for Cody Belgard, shot in the back and killed by SLCPD Salt Lake City, UT