Wednesday August 17, 2022
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6/26/18 Stock market slumps again on trade war worries San José, CA
6/25/18 Protests after Minneapolis cops murder Thurman Blevins Minneapolis, MN
6/25/18 United Mine Workers of America and Greek officials remember Ludlow Massacre Ludlow, CO
6/24/18 Protest against separation of immigrant families in Oshkosh, WI Oshkosh, WI
6/23/18 Wisconsin UPS drivers demand a good contract Milwaukee, WI
6/22/18 Baker County, FL rallies for police accountability Jacksonville, FL
6/21/18 Communist Party of Philippines: On Duterte’s demand to hold talks in Philippines Manila, Philippines
6/21/18 Teamsters leader Denis Taylor makes big concessions to UPS in possible tentative agreement Jacksonville, FL
6/20/18 Trump hit with 1000-person protest in Duluth MN Duluth, MN
6/20/18 Community leaders speak out against cops in ketamine drugging scandal Minneapolis, MN
6/20/18 Survivors of police torture share stage with Angela Davis Chicago, IL
6/20/18 UPS terminates Jacksonville, FL Teamster union steward Jacksonville, FL
6/20/18 Stock markets around the world rattled as Trump vows to escalate trade war with China San José, CA
6/19/18 Police accountability on agenda at Oshkosh's first Juneteenth celebration Oshkosh, WI
6/19/18 Minnesotans prepare emergency response to Supreme Court’s upcoming Muslim Ban Minneapolis, MN
6/18/18 1350 march against separation of immigrant families on Father’s Day in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
6/16/18 People’s Korea says capitalism “rushing headlong into its doom” Washington, DC
6/16/18 A victory for peace and unity of the Korean people! United States
6/15/18 Communist Party of Philippines condemns violent dispersal of Nutriasia workers strike Nutriasia
6/15/18 Minneapolis opponents of police crimes blast cops for forced drugging of detainees Minneapolis
6/15/18 Trump administration’s trade war with China and the fall of U.S. hegemony San José, CA
6/14/18 Appeals Court hears arguments to defend Somali youth convicted in FBI entrapment case Saint Paul
6/13/18 Ora Schub: In memoriam Chicago, IL
6/13/18 PFLP: Rallies in Ramallah, Dheisheh must grow to confront occupation, PA sanctions on Gaza Palestine
6/13/18 Ora Schub: In memoriam Chicago, IL