Friday June 9, 2023
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6/30/18 Stop child detentions, Legalization for all! United States
6/30/18 Thousands rally in Tucson to keep families together Tucson, Arizona
6/30/18 Thousands rally in Tucson to keep families together Tucson, Arizona
6/30/18 50,000 at Chicago Families Belong Together march Chicago, IL
6/30/18 Thousands march across Brooklyn Bridge to protest U.S. immigration policy New York, NY
6/30/18 4000 rally in Salt Lake City for immigrant rights Salt Lake City, UT
6/30/18 Miami march demands keep families together Miami, FL
7/01/18 1500 protesters say ‘Families belong together, end deportations’ in Tampa, FL Tampa, FL
7/01/18 Anti-Trump mass protests break out in LA Los Angeles, CA
7/01/18 UPS tentative agreement: Bogus and insulting raises for part-timers Jacksonville, FL
7/02/18 Thousands take to streets of Dallas to protest abuse of immigrants Dallas, TX
7/02/18 Thousands gather in Denver to demand an end to family separation Denver, CO
7/02/18 Communist Party of Philippines says ‘Duterte ouster is highly possible’ Philippines
7/02/18 Massive Minneapolis march repudiates Trump attacks on immigrants Minneapolis, MN
7/03/18 Minnesota workers take to the streets after anti-union Supreme Court ruling Minneapolis, MN
7/03/18 San Diego march to abolish ICE San Diego, CA
7/03/18 Open letter to our comrades and friends in the Black liberation movement Chicago, IL
7/03/18 Defend Vaun Mayes from modern day COINTELPRO frame-up! Milwaukee, WI
7/05/18 UPS deadlocks local hearing over shop steward terminated for union activity Jacksonville, FL
7/05/18 Capitalism’s impact on mental health New York, NY
7/06/18 Minneapolis: Friday Peace Walk to demand justice for Thurman Blevins Minneapolis, MN
7/06/18 Thousands of University of El Salvador students march against privatization of water San Salvador, El Salvador
7/06/18 The Jacksonville Black community rallies against environmental racism Fairway Oaks
7/08/18 March in downtown Minneapolis demands justice for Thurman Blevins Minneapolis
7/08/18 Venezuela: In the economic war, the masses advance Milwaukee