Thursday June 8, 2023
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5/18/18 Chicago community rebels against rigged hearing on police accountability Chicago, IL
5/19/18 Oshkosh stands in solidarity with Palestine Oshkosh, WI
5/19/18 The Legalization for All Network (L4A) slams Trump’s “animal” racism United States
5/20/18 New Yorkers rally for Al Nakba Day New York, NY
5/20/18 ILPS condemns massacre of Palestinians by Israel Palestine
5/21/18 Venezuela: Maduro wins in a landslide Milwaukee, WI
5/21/18 Minnesotans to show solidarity with Palestine during Ramadan Minneapolis, MN
5/21/18 Large Chicago protest condemns Israeli massacres Chicago, IL
5/22/18 Rally at Minnesota Capitol targets deportations and Columbus statue Saint Paul, MN
5/23/18 Minnesota: 18 arrested at Whipple Federal Building demanding end to deportations Minneapolis, MN
5/23/18 Chicago: Victims of dirty cop challenge their convictions Chicago, IL
5/23/18 Philippines: End martial law! Overthrow the U.S. - Duterte regime! Philippines
5/23/18 UPS Teamsters begin casting ballots in strike authorization vote Jacksonville, FL
5/23/18 Celebration of Palestinian culture comes to Oshkosh Oshkosh, WI
5/23/18 Workers at U.S. corporation in Philippines launch sit-down strike Philippines
5/24/18 NFL Players labor unrest and the NFL’s new national anthem policy Jacksonville, FL
5/25/18 MN protests U.S. support for Israeli massacres Columbia Heights, MN
5/28/18 Amazing victories for Milwaukee Public Schools led by union members Milwaukee, WI
5/29/18 Greece: General strike set for May 30 Greece
5/30/18 O’Brien, Zuckerman announce run for leadership of the Teamsters Jacksonville, FL
5/30/18 Speech by UN Ambassador Nikki Haley disrupted by pro-Palestine students Houston, TX
5/30/18 Video reveals LAPD lies in Romero killing Los Angeles, CA
5/31/18 Philippines labor federation KMU greets May Day events, 8th Congress of FRSO United States
5/31/18 8th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization: We will make a new world on the ashes of the old United States
5/31/18 Study shows real Puerto Rican death toll from Hurricane Maria at least 4645 Puerto Rico