Monday August 8, 2022
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7/13/18 Communist Party of Venezuela : “Build the Workers Struggle for a Revolutionary Answer to the Crisis” Venezuela
2/28/18 President Maduro and Venezuelan communists arrive at historic agreement Venezuela
11/02/18 FRSO condemns killing of Venezuelan communist leader Venezuela
2/21/18 Venezuelan workers stand with Maduro against imperialism Venezuela
2/09/18 Opposition abandons negotiations in Venezuela Venezuela
1/15/18 150 years since the murder of Ezequiel Zamora, the struggle for land continues in Venezuela Venezuela
6/28/18 The enemy of humanity Venezuela
5/06/18 Venezuela: How communists view elections Venezuela
12/21/18 Venezuela: Goodyear workers occupy plant Venezuela
10/01/18 Fight Back! interview with Jose Maria Sison on struggle against U.S.-backed Duterte regime Utrecht, Netherlands
5/11/18 #Nakba70: A call to action USA
3/06/18 WFTU Statement on the International Women´s day, March 8, 2018 US
3/06/18 International Women’s Day: We Fight Back US
1/06/18 Jacobin dead-wrong on Zimbabwe & international solidarity United States
4/25/18 Interview with Aaron Leonard, author of new book detailing FBI repression of 1970s revolutionary movements United States
1/01/18 Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks on national defense, socialist construction, in new year United States
4/23/18 Communist, workers parties condemn attacks on Syria United States
4/13/18 WFTU: May Day 2018: With Internationalism and Solidarity!! United States
6/16/18 A victory for peace and unity of the Korean people! United States
4/30/18 Celebrate the International Day of Labor and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marx United States
5/31/18 8th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization: We will make a new world on the ashes of the old United States
5/14/18 Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns Israeli violence, embassy move United States
1/02/18 FRSO greets Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on 50th anniversary United States
4/22/18 Some Lenin for Lenin’s birthday United States
10/07/18 No to the new NAFTA United States