Friday May 20, 2022
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6/30/18 Anti-police crimes movement to picket Mpls 4th Precinct Sunday, demand justice for Thurman Blevins Minneapolis, MN
6/28/18 Anti-ICE protesters shut down Kent County Board of Commissioners Grand Rapids, MI
9/02/18 Annual Boyle Heights Chicano Moratorium event unites with teachers of UTLA Los Angeles, CA
2/19/18 Angry Chicano community protests LAPD killing of Christian Escobedo Los Angeles, CA
6/12/18 Angela Davis to rally with freed prisoners Chicago, IL
5/28/18 Amazing victories for Milwaukee Public Schools led by union members Milwaukee, WI
10/16/18 Allied Ready Mix workers strike to protect health care Tampa, FL
8/29/18 All out for Sept. 5! National Day of Action against Police Crimes! Chicago
11/20/18 Airbnb commits to removing rentals in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank Washington, D.C.
7/29/18 Ahed Tamimi Released, Now Free All Palestinian Political Prisoners Palestine
3/21/18 After murder charge in Justice Damond case, movement against police terror demands justice for all Minneapolis, MN
3/09/18 Activist arrested by judge in Laquan McDonald murder case Chicago, IL
11/30/18 Accelerating trend towards martial law nationwide and full-blown fascist dictatorship of Duterte Philippines
3/08/18 A woman’s place is still in the revolution Mindanao, Philippines
6/16/18 A victory for peace and unity of the Korean people! United States
11/24/18 A socialist look at the Florida 2018 midterm results: Part 2 Florida
11/23/18 A socialist look at the Florida 2018 midterm results Florida
9/19/18 A message from Rasmea Odeh Jordan
3/25/18 A class analysis of the U.S. opioid epidemic Jersey City, NJ
5/31/18 8th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization: We will make a new world on the ashes of the old United States
4/16/18 70 join Minneapolis anti-war protest despite blizzard conditions Minneapolis, MN
11/05/18 5000-plus stand up for transgender rights in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
3/06/18 50-year commemoration of the Chicano East L.A. walkouts Los Angeles, CA
6/30/18 50,000 at Chicago Families Belong Together march Chicago, IL
4/26/18 50,000 Arizona educators strike, march on capitol Phoenix, AZ