Tuesday September 27, 2022
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1/12/18 Immigrant rights, anti-police brutality activists insist on action at first meeting of new Minneapolis city council Minneapolis, MN
1/09/18 Imperialist clouds gather over Latin America Milwaukee WI
9/19/18 Important elections ahead in LA Los Angeles, CA
6/29/18 In shadow of horrors at border, Minneapolis immigrant rights activists demand urgent action on Municipal ID Minneapolis, MN
8/25/18 Injustice system attacks Minister Toya Woodland, MN Black Lives Matter activist Minneapolis, MN
11/22/18 International rally against US/NATO military bases held in Dublin Dublin, Ireland
12/15/18 International Revolutionary Day 2018 marks government murders of IL Black Panther leaders Chicago, IL
11/13/18 International speaking tour says reject Trump’s attacks on Venezuela Minneapolis, MN
3/16/18 International Women’s Day rally promotes solidarity Jacksonville, FL
3/07/18 International Women’s Day rally set for Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
3/06/18 International Women’s Day: We Fight Back US
5/02/18 International Workers Day marked in Chicago Chicago, IL
4/25/18 Interview with Aaron Leonard, author of new book detailing FBI repression of 1970s revolutionary movements United States
3/19/18 Interview with Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa and community leader Frank Chapman Chicago, IL
11/01/18 Interview with Charlotte Kates, of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network Washington, DC
11/14/18 Interview with former Black Panther Thomas “Blood” McCreary and Frank Chapman Chicago, IL
12/11/18 Interview with MLPD Chairwoman Gabi Fechtner on fighting the right in Germany United States
9/20/18 Interview: 50 years of Young Lords with founder Jose “Cha Cha” Jimenez United States
5/10/18 Iraq's elections: Hope in a land wrecked by imperialism Milwaukee, WI
3/12/18 Is Trump starting a trade war with his tariffs? United States
12/26/18 Israel launches Christmas missile attack on Damascus Washington D.C.
12/24/18 Israel tries to wreck Christmas for Palestinians Minneapolis, MN
4/05/18 Israeli drone attack kills Palestinian in Gaza Palestine
8/01/18 Jacksonville community rejects mayor’s police state budget Jacksonville, Florida
11/18/18 Jacksonville high school, police, fair management target Black youth with racist dress code Jacksonville, FL