Sunday April 2, 2023
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7/03/18 Defend Vaun Mayes from modern day COINTELPRO frame-up! Milwaukee, WI
5/10/18 Iraq's elections: Hope in a land wrecked by imperialism Milwaukee, WI
12/28/18 Wisconsin residents fight back against Republican power grab Milwaukee, WI
8/09/18 The plot to kill Nicolás Maduro Milwaukee, WI
4/09/18 “Marxists and Muslims" shut down racist speaker tour Milwaukee, WI
4/16/18 Milwaukee community rallies against U.S. attack on Syria Milwaukee, WI
8/03/18 Campesinos on the march in Venezuela Milwaukee, WI
9/19/18 Venezuela refuses to retreat Milwaukee, WI
5/21/18 Venezuela: Maduro wins in a landslide Milwaukee, WI
3/07/18 Milwaukee's immigrant community demands DACA legislation relief Milwaukee, WI
6/29/18 Milwaukee rallies for family reunification, challenges non-profit that locks up kids Milwaukee, WI
5/28/18 Amazing victories for Milwaukee Public Schools led by union members Milwaukee, WI
6/23/18 Wisconsin UPS drivers demand a good contract Milwaukee, WI
6/11/18 Protest in Milwaukee against the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Milwaukee, WI
1/12/18 Major year of struggle for Milwaukee’s Young People's Resistance Committee Milwaukee, WI
7/10/18 Milwaukee African American leader Vaun L Mayes in court facing frame-up Milwaukee, WI
1/21/18 Young People’s Resistance Committee joins Milwaukee’s Women’s March Milwaukee WI
4/14/18 Milwaukee teachers intensify struggle over budget cuts Milwaukee WI
1/09/18 Imperialist clouds gather over Latin America Milwaukee WI
3/20/18 Milwaukee celebrates International Women's Day Milwaukee WI
7/08/18 Venezuela: In the economic war, the masses advance Milwaukee
8/10/18 Miami Colombians find Uribe guilty in mock-trial Miami, FL
6/30/18 Miami march demands keep families together Miami, FL
2/26/18 Miami rallies for workers’ rights Miami, FL
3/21/18 Video: Interview with Oaxaca, Mexico teachers union leaders Mexico City, Mexico