Wednesday February 8, 2023
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8/21/17 PFLP salutes anti-racist struggle in Charlottesville, calls for struggle against racism, fascism, Zionism and imperialism Palestine
7/24/17 PFLP Prison Branch: We urge the formation of a national leadership to lead the open struggle with the occupation United States
1/05/17 PFLP mourns the loss of struggling Archbishop Hilarion Capucci Palestine
5/07/17 PFLP leader join Palestinian prisoner hunger strike Palestine
6/19/17 PFLP denounces, urges action against collective punishment attacks on Jerusalem and Deir Abu Mashaal United States
4/13/17 PFLP denounces U.S. imperialist aggression against Syria United States
10/12/17 PFLP denounces FBI “most-wanted” listing of the General Secretary of Islamic Jihad Palestine
8/11/17 PFLP condemns EU court’s decision to keep Hamas on 'terror' list Palestine
6/03/17 PFLP commends Lebanese boycott movement on victory in “Wonder Woman” campaign Palestine
3/17/17 PFLP calls for wide participation in funeral of martyr Basil al-Araj Palestine
12/09/17 PFLP announces cancellation of its anniversary rally and its transformation into a march of anger Palestine
12/12/17 People’s Thanksgiving honors memory of Pat Hunt Chicago, IL
12/08/17 People’s Thanksgiving 2017 - FRSO speech by Frank Chapman Chicago, IL
1/31/17 People’s movement forces cancelation of Trump speech at a Harley-Davidson factory Milwaukee, WI
7/06/17 Pearson Foods: Workers demand respect in Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids, MI
11/03/17 PCV demands action on the government and proposes united action Venezuela
10/10/17 PCV activates electoral final dash to guarantee victory of revolutionary candidates Venezuela
1/27/17 Pasadena City College SDS joins the march against Trump! Los Angeles, CA
10/12/17 Part 3: Interview with Jose Maria Sison on the people’s war in the Philippines Utrecht, Netherlands
9/26/17 Part 2: Interview with Jose Maria Sison on the people’s war in the Philippines Utrecht, Netherlands
7/28/17 Parents of Jesse Romero angered by LAPD Police Commission decisions Los Angeles, CA
10/01/17 Panther Cubs Streetz Party 2017 Chicago, IL
1/30/17 Over 1000 protest at Houston Airport against Trump's Muslim ban Houston, TX
3/09/17 Over 1000 join Chicago International Women’s Day rally Chicago, IL
11/23/17 Oshkosh, WI SDS holds protest against campus racism Oshkosh, WI