Wednesday March 22, 2023
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1/20/17 Twin Cites Home Depot janitors strike against poverty wages, Trump Minneapolis, MN
8/10/17 Marianne Hamilton presente! Minneapolis, MN
2/18/17 Minnesotans march against racist Muslim ban and attacks on immigrants Minneapolis, MN
5/01/17 2000 march in Minneapolis on International Workers Day Minneapolis, MN
12/23/17 Minneapolis protest slams Trump’s Jerusalem announcement Minneapolis, MN
11/20/17 “The October Revolution and Some Lessons for The Struggle for Socialism in the U.S.” available as pamphlet Minneapolis, MN
2/15/17 On the passing of fighter for justice and people’s lawyer Ted Dooley Minneapolis, MN
6/02/17 Minneapolis protest demands 'Trump out now' Minneapolis, MN
12/12/17 MN marches against wars and deportations on Human Rights Day Minneapolis, MN
3/06/17 MN will protest revised Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
6/30/17 Minneapolis protests reinstated Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
1/30/17 Racist on trial for shooting Justice4Jamar protesters in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
3/20/17 Kids Against Trump march in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
10/14/17 Minneapolis celebrates 100-year anniversary of Russia’s October Revolution Minneapolis, MN
3/02/17 March on Minnesota Republican Headquarters set for International Women’s Day Minneapolis, MN
6/26/17 Protest at Twin Cites Pride: “No cops, no KKK, no racist Pride today!” Minneapolis, MN
12/31/17 Israeli politician who wants Trump train station called for ‘civil targeted killings’ of BDS activists Minneapolis, MN
10/07/17 Immigrant sanctuary struggle continues in Minneapolis, Sheriff Stanek lashes out Minneapolis, MN
3/19/17 Minneapolis rallies for ‘No Muslim ban and no wars’ Minneapolis, MN
7/23/17 Minneapolis anti-police terror movement shuts down Mayor Hodges press conference Minneapolis, MN
12/27/17 Minnesota activists bring day-late Xmas cheer to Sen. Klobuchar demanding urgent action on Clean Dream Act Minneapolis, MN
10/04/17 MN says, ‘Aid yes, debt no!’ at Puerto Rico solidarity protest Minneapolis, MN
6/09/17 U of MN unions hold their own hearing on budget after regents cancel public testimony Minneapolis, MN
10/31/17 Workers march into University of Minnesota president’s office Minneapolis, MN
11/17/17 400 University of Minnesota Teamsters march for raises and respect Minneapolis, MN