Saturday April 1, 2023
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5/10/17 Jacksonville press conference on Jax5 and police accountability Jacksonville, FL
11/02/17 Jacksonville protesters drop off petitions to the state attorney, demand Justice for Keegan Roberts Jacksonville, FL
6/24/17 Jacksonville protests for trans rights Jacksonville, FL
11/14/17 Jacksonville protests visit of grandson of Zionist war criminal David Ben-Gurion Jacksonville, FL
8/15/17 Jacksonville rallies for Charlottesville Jacksonville, FL
8/14/17 Jacksonville rallies for Palestine, demands Israel stop bombing Gaza Jacksonville, FL
7/17/17 Jacksonville speaks out against JSO police crimes Jacksonville, FL
7/06/17 Jacksonville: Newly formed Community Action Committee demands community control of the police Jacksonville, FL
5/07/17 Jamar Clark remembered on his 26th birthday Minneapolis, MN
3/28/17 Japanese American and American Muslim solidarity march San José, CA
6/11/17 Japanese Americans join Unity Vigil San José, CA
5/14/17 Jersey City teachers mobilize against gentrification Jersey City, NJ
10/15/17 Jose Maria Sison: On the significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution Minneapolis, MN
11/14/17 Josephine Wyatt, fighter for African American freedom and socialism remembered Chicago, IL
6/27/17 Justice for Japanese Latin Americans! San José, CA
1/12/17 Kentucky Teamsters slam new ‘Right to Work’ legislation Frankfort, KY
3/20/17 Kids Against Trump march in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
12/17/17 LA charter school expansion defeated by parents and teachers Los Angeles, CA
4/16/17 LA Chicanos demand ‘Hands off Syria!’ Los Angeles, CA
5/23/17 LA protest demands ‘Jail killer cops!’ Los Angeles, CA
1/03/17 LA to march against Trump Los Angeles, CA
11/06/17 Labor opposes New York State Constitutional Convention New York, New York
5/23/17 Labor Party of Turkey: No to ‘one man, one party dictatorship!’ Turkey
1/17/17 LAPD cover-up, lies, exposed in police murder of Jose Mendez Los Angeles, CA
3/25/17 LAPD kills 1st Chicano this year in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA