Friday December 2, 2022
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10/04/17 MN says, ‘Aid yes, debt no!’ at Puerto Rico solidarity protest Minneapolis, MN
10/04/17 New Yorkers Resist Wars on Oct. 7 New York, New York
10/03/17 October 7 Minneapolis protest to speak out against U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
10/02/17 Spanish State: The WFTU denounces the police repression of October 1st in Catalonia Spain
10/01/17 Panther Cubs Streetz Party 2017 Chicago, IL
10/01/17 UPS Teamsters make contract demands Jacksonville, FL
9/30/17 On Duterte’s praise for so-called security alliance with US Philippines
9/29/17 SDS and Black Lives Matter confronts Ben Shapiro on Utah campus Salt Lake City, UT
9/26/17 Part 2: Interview with Jose Maria Sison on the people’s war in the Philippines Utrecht, Netherlands
9/26/17 NFL players take action against Trump and police brutality Jacksonville, FL
9/24/17 Northeastern University food service workers prepare to strike Boston, MA
9/24/17 U of MN workers say no to poverty wages, crash elite fundraising event Minneapolis, MN
9/24/17 Film review: A Taxi Driver Chicago, IL
9/24/17 Communist Party of Venezuela continues forward with the victorious candidacy of Victor Castillo in Apure State Venezuela
9/24/17 Jacksonville demands justice for Vernell Bing and Keegan Roberts Jacksonville, FL
9/24/17 Anniversary of FBI raids on anti-war and international solidarity activists Chicago, IL
9/21/17 Minneapolis immigrant rights activists launch ‘Sanctuary Platform,’ demand action at city council meeting Minneapolis, MN
9/20/17 Hugs and tears as Rasmea Odeh deported Chicago, IL
9/19/17 Utah protest defends DACA, demands legalization for all Salt Lake City, UT
9/17/17 PFLP: Those who meet with the occupier stand with the enemies of the people Palestine
9/13/17 In wake of Hurricane Irma, Florida activists serve the people Hollywood, FL
9/13/17 NYC activists stand in solidarity with Durham New York, NY
9/13/17 Black and Brown unite to demand LA district attorney prosecute killer cops Los Angeles, CA
9/11/17 Houstonians rebuild amidst destruction from Hurricane Harvey Houston, TX
9/10/17 U of MN workers protest opening of $4 billion fundraising campaign, say they won’t be driven into poverty Minneapolis, MN