Tuesday March 21, 2023
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4/05/17 Protest at city hall against police brutality turns chaotic after city council ignores grieving family Houston, TX
9/11/17 Houstonians rebuild amidst destruction from Hurricane Harvey Houston, TX
8/26/17 WFTU statement on the earthquake in Italy Ischia, Italy
7/26/17 Jacksonville activists demand police accountability at city council Jacksonville, FL
8/14/17 Jacksonville rallies for Palestine, demands Israel stop bombing Gaza Jacksonville, FL
6/24/17 Jacksonville protests for trans rights Jacksonville, FL
11/21/17 Students at UNF oppose racists, KKK and Nazis Jacksonville, FL
11/02/17 Jacksonville protesters drop off petitions to the state attorney, demand Justice for Keegan Roberts Jacksonville, FL
9/26/17 NFL players take action against Trump and police brutality Jacksonville, FL
6/04/17 Jacksonville activists demand community control of the police Jacksonville, FL
9/02/17 Jacksonville fight to remove the Confederate statues continues Jacksonville, FL
9/24/17 Jacksonville demands justice for Vernell Bing and Keegan Roberts Jacksonville, FL
12/29/17 Top movies of 2017 Jacksonville, FL
3/01/17 UNF students sit in demanding justice, sanctuary campus Jacksonville, FL
5/10/17 Jacksonville press conference on Jax5 and police accountability Jacksonville, FL
6/09/17 The Jacksonville 5 speak out after beating police repression in the Deep South Jacksonville, FL
4/26/17 Students host panel discussion on ‘Civil Rights in the Era of the Jax5’ Jacksonville, FL
4/07/17 Vicious police attack on Jacksonville anti-war protest Jacksonville, FL
2/10/17 300 protest Trump's anti-Muslim refugee ban in Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL
8/15/17 Jacksonville rallies for Charlottesville Jacksonville, FL
4/16/17 MN Anti-War Committee statement in solidarity with the #Jax5 Jacksonville, FL
3/16/17 Unions rally to ‘Defend the Working Class’ in Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL
10/01/17 UPS Teamsters make contract demands Jacksonville, FL
4/11/17 Photos show Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams knew peace rally disrupter Gary Snow Jacksonville, FL
10/23/17 Protesters say the fight isn't over, demand #JusticeForKeegan Jacksonville, FL