Thursday July 7, 2022
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11/08/17 Interview with Frank Chapman: “We have a spark with Charlottesville” Chicago, IL
11/08/17 DPRK Worker’s Newspaper warns Trump threats will backfire Democratic People's Republic of Korea
11/08/17 100 new cops for Jacksonville is not the answer Jacksonville, FL
11/07/17 Nov. 9 protest to say no U.S. war on north Korea Minneapolis, MN
11/06/17 Labor opposes New York State Constitutional Convention New York, New York
11/05/17 New York City protests 100 years of Balfour Declaration New York, NY
11/04/17 WFTU World Working Youth Congress meets Italy Rome, Italy
11/04/17 Venezuela: Revolutionary workers denounce reactionary moves of opposition Venezuela
11/03/17 PCV demands action on the government and proposes united action Venezuela
11/02/17 University of Minnesota Teamsters approve strike authorization vote by large margin Minneapolis, MN
11/02/17 Jacksonville protesters drop off petitions to the state attorney, demand Justice for Keegan Roberts Jacksonville, FL
10/31/17 Workers march into University of Minnesota president’s office Minneapolis, MN
10/30/17 Venezuelan Communists build unity, remember 1917 Caracas, Venezuela
10/30/17 Puerto Rico: Teachers and families protest plan to close hundreds of public schools after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico
10/29/17 Puerto Rico: The political manipulation of death counts after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico
10/28/17 Minnesota says no war threats on Korea Minneapolis, MN
10/27/17 They are using the Katrina model in Puerto Rico to close schools San Juan, Puerto Rico
10/26/17 Interview with Mercedes Martínez, President of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation San Juan, Puerto Rico
10/25/17 Students for a Democratic Society holds 12th annual national convention Santa Barbara, CA
10/24/17 Some Puerto Rican schools still sheltering hundreds of displaced people as other schools reopen Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
10/24/17 Denver SDS holds vigil for Heather Heyer Lakewood, CO
10/23/17 Protesters say the fight isn't over, demand #JusticeForKeegan Jacksonville, FL
10/22/17 Puerto Rican Teachers Federation criticizes government plan to reopen damaged schools that lack electricity and water San Juan, Puerto Rico
10/22/17 Volunteer brigade in Utuado, Puerto Rico helps isolated families Utuado, Puerto Rico
10/22/17 Election demonstrated political maturity of the Venezuelan people Venezuela