Tuesday January 31, 2023
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9/26/17 Part 2: Interview with Jose Maria Sison on the people’s war in the Philippines Utrecht, Netherlands
10/22/17 Volunteer brigade in Utuado, Puerto Rico helps isolated families Utuado, Puerto Rico
11/03/17 PCV demands action on the government and proposes united action Venezuela
9/05/17 Venezuelan communists urge mass pressure for the Constituent Assembly to apply popular measures Venezuela
9/24/17 Communist Party of Venezuela continues forward with the victorious candidacy of Victor Castillo in Apure State Venezuela
10/22/17 Election demonstrated political maturity of the Venezuelan people Venezuela
10/16/17 Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution declares victory in governor elections Venezuela
11/04/17 Venezuela: Revolutionary workers denounce reactionary moves of opposition Venezuela
9/04/17 Venezuela’s communists: New stage of the Bolivarian Process Venezuela
10/10/17 PCV activates electoral final dash to guarantee victory of revolutionary candidates Venezuela
3/03/17 Students protest Howard University president's connections to Trump Washington D.C.
1/20/17 Protesters converging on Washington DC for Trump inauguration Washington D.C.
12/21/17 Undocumented youth on jail hunger strike in D.C. demand Congress pass ‘clean DREAM Act now!’ Washington D.C.
5/19/17 U.S. warplanes strike Syrian forces Washington D.C.
12/17/17 DPRK warns Trump against implementing sea blockade Washington D.C.
2/17/17 Oppose the use of National Guard for deportation of undocumented immigrants Washington D.C.
8/02/17 Cuba stands with the people of Venezuela Washington D.C.
8/04/17 FRSO leader condemns Trump's endorsement of racist Cotton-Purdue ‘RAISE Act’ Washington D.C.
7/06/17 More U.S. threats and military drills directed against the DPRK Washington D.C.
8/10/17 North Korea says Trump talks a 'load of nonsense,' mulls missile test landing in waters near Guam Washington D.C.
4/03/17 Trump’s “Crime Victims' Rights Week” targets immigrants Washington D.C.
1/21/17 Hundreds of thousands join Women's March on Washington DC Washington D.C.
1/20/17 FRSO leader tells Washington DC protest to make country ‘ungovernable’ Washington D.C.
7/07/17 DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues statement on ICBM launch Washington D.C.
2/13/17 Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader not worried by ‘foolish’ Trump Washington D.C.