Monday May 23, 2022
| Last update: Monday at 3:46 PM


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1/23/17 25 campuses hold walkouts on Inauguration Day Tampa, Fl
1/22/17 Hundreds of thousands join Women's March in LA Los Angeles, CA
1/22/17 250,000 join Chicago Women’s March Chicago, IL
1/22/17 Florida State students walk out to protest Trump Tallahassee, FL
1/22/17 Houston SDS holds student walkout to protest Trump Houston, TX
1/21/17 1000 march in Milwaukee on Trump’s inauguration day Milwaukee, WI
1/21/17 10,000 take to the streets in Asheville Women's March Asheville, NC
1/21/17 1 million-plus join Women’s March on Washington DC Washington, DC
1/21/17 Northeastern University workers strike protests Trump’s policies Boston, MA
1/21/17 The election of Donald Trump and women’s liberation Minneapolis, MN
1/21/17 Hundreds of thousands join Women's March on Washington DC Washington D.C.
1/21/17 Chicanos march against Trump in LA Los Angeles, CA
1/21/17 Women's March Minnesota draws tens of thousands Saint Paul, MN
1/21/17 6000 join massive Minnesota protest against Donald Trump inauguration Minneapolis, MN
1/20/17 Twin Cites Home Depot janitors strike against poverty wages, Trump Minneapolis, MN
1/20/17 FRSO leader tells Washington DC protest to make country ‘ungovernable’ Washington D.C.
1/20/17 Protesters converging on Washington DC for Trump inauguration Washington D.C.
1/19/17 Northeastern University workers announce Inauguration Day strike Boston, MA
1/18/17 Students shut down Milo Yiannopoulos at University of California-Davis Davis, CA
1/18/17 Greek trade unions condemn fascist attacks United States
1/17/17 LAPD cover-up, lies, exposed in police murder of Jose Mendez Los Angeles, CA
1/17/17 Police killing of Marcus Golden remembered in St. Paul St. Paul, MN
1/17/17 Minnesota students set walkout to protest Trump inauguration Jan. 20 Minneapolis, MN
1/16/17 WFTU statement for the strike in “Hallmark” garment factory in Myanmar United States
1/16/17 New York activists demand the release of PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat! New York, NY