Tuesday January 31, 2023
| Last update: Tuesday at 8:45 PM


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3/13/17 Tucson to protest new Trump Muslim ban Tucson, AZ
4/08/17 Tucson joins national wave of ‘Hands off Syria’ protests Tucson, AZ
8/29/17 Tucson celebrates the 47th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium Tucson, AZ
7/26/17 Tucson to tell Trump: Hands off Venezuela! Tucson, AZ
8/26/17 Arizona immigrant rights leader slams Trumps pardon of ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio Tucson, AZ
8/23/17 Police use tear gas and rubber bullets at Trump protest in Phoenix Tucson, AZ
2/17/17 Tucson protest against ICE hit with police crackdown Tucson, AZ
5/02/17 Tucson May Day eyes building mass movement against Trump Tucson, AZ
4/27/17 Huge turnout expected at Tucson May Day Tucson, AZ
2/13/17 Tucson to protest Trump’s ICE raids Tucson, AZ
2/01/17 More than 1000 people in Tucson hit the streets to protest Muslim ban Tucson, AZ
9/10/17 Tucson rallies hundreds to defend DACA Tucson, AZ
1/09/17 Tucson coalition prepares to fight back against Trump Tucson, AZ
5/14/17 Tucson stands with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike Tucson, AZ
10/07/17 Tucson calls for end to war in Afghanistan Tucson, AZ
8/23/17 Police use tear gas and rubber bullets at Trump protest in Phoenix Tucson, AZ
12/12/17 Tucson holds vigil for victim of Border Patrol killing Tucson, AZ
1/02/17 The assassination of Ambassador Karlov, and victory at Aleppo: Changes in alignments over Syria Turkey
5/23/17 Labor Party of Turkey: No to ‘one man, one party dictatorship!’ Turkey
2/24/17 WFTU Statement on the International Women's day, March 8th, 2017 United States
12/25/17 Read some Mao on Mao’s birthday United States
7/24/17 PFLP Prison Branch: We urge the formation of a national leadership to lead the open struggle with the occupation United States
4/14/17 Interview with FRSO student leader Chrisley Carpio United States
3/12/17 Duterte’s aerial bombing order disregards people’s lives United States
4/28/17 May Day 2017! Defend immigrant rights and build workers unity! Defeat Trump! United States