Tuesday May 17, 2022
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5/17/17 General strike in Greece May 17 Greece
8/31/17 Gas crisis hits Dallas, set to spread Dallas, TX
1/20/17 FRSO leader tells Washington DC protest to make country ‘ungovernable’ Washington D.C.
8/05/17 FRSO leader Steff Yorek condemns Trump signing of sanctions bill Minneapolis, MN
8/04/17 FRSO leader condemns Trump's endorsement of racist Cotton-Purdue ‘RAISE Act’ Washington D.C.
3/04/17 FRSO hosts Socialism 101 workshop at West Chester University of PA West Chester, PA
8/12/17 Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns white supremacist attack in Charlottesville Charlottesville, VA
5/12/17 Free all victims of Chicago police torture Chicago, IL
2/14/17 Frank Chapman speaks on Black liberation and socialism Chicago, IL
1/22/17 Florida State students walk out to protest Trump Tallahassee, FL
1/15/17 Florida State students call for walkout to protest Trump Tallahassee, FL
9/08/17 Florida State students call for removal of confederate Francis Eppes monument Tallahassee, FL
5/18/17 Florida Agriculture Commissioner Putnam's campaign-bus photographed with slogan against Jax5 Jacksonville, FL
8/03/17 Film review: Atomic Blonde Houston, TX
9/24/17 Film review: A Taxi Driver Chicago, IL
6/19/17 Film review: "All Eyez on Me" Houston, TX
12/27/17 Filipino people mark 49th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippines
2/15/17 Filipino communists condemn protest crackdown, “all-out war” against activists and civilians Philippines
5/23/17 Filipino Americans to Duterte: Revoke Martial Law in Mindanao! United States
8/27/17 Fight Back! interview with Jose Maria Sison on the people’s war in the Philippines Utrecht, Netherlands
9/09/17 Evacuation plans leave South Florida in chaos Fort Lauderdale, FL
8/31/17 Empowering Boyle Heights event marks 47th anniversary of Chicano Moratorium Los Angeles, CA
5/12/17 Emergency protest and call-in campaign against ICE detaining immigrants in Saint Paul Saint Paul, MN
10/22/17 Election demonstrated political maturity of the Venezuelan people Venezuela
7/30/17 El Salvador: Central American gathering in solidarity with Cuba San Salvador, El Salvador