Tuesday July 5, 2022
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5/06/17 Teachers vote unanimously to strike at one of Chicago’s oldest charter schools Chicago, IL
4/23/17 Tens of thousands at March for Science in St. Paul St. Paul, MN
9/02/17 Texas' SB4: Vicious attack on immigrants Austin, TX
1/02/17 The assassination of Ambassador Karlov, and victory at Aleppo: Changes in alignments over Syria Turkey
1/21/17 The election of Donald Trump and women’s liberation Minneapolis, MN
2/07/17 The Farce of the Deal: Trump, the TPP and trade Jacksonville, FL
5/09/17 The fight for immigrant rights under Trump San José, CA
11/20/17 The Freedom Road Socialist Organization salutes the Workers World Party National Conference 2017 New York, NY
3/08/17 The House Republican health care bill from hell San José, CA
6/09/17 The Jacksonville 5 speak out after beating police repression in the Deep South Jacksonville, FL
1/13/17 The night club attack in Istanbul: A new era in the political crisis of Turkey United States
10/18/17 The October Revolution and some lessons for the struggle for socialism in the U.S. New York, NY
5/12/17 The WFTU condemns the vulgar and unethical advertisement of Pizza Hut referring to the Palestinian hunger strikers Palestine
10/27/17 They are using the Katrina model in Puerto Rico to close schools San Juan, Puerto Rico
1/29/17 Thousands converge on JFK Airport to protest Muslim ban Queens, NY
12/09/17 Thousands in NYC say, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” New York, NY
2/18/17 Thousands join Minneapolis solidarity march with immigrants and refugees Minneapolis, MN
4/29/17 Thousands join People's Climate Solidarity March in Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN
9/08/17 Thousands march in Milwaukee for DACA, demand ‘Legalization for all’ Milwaukee, WI
5/01/17 Thousands march on May 1 in San José, CA San José, CA
8/15/17 Thousands of Utahns at anti-racist rally in solidarity with Charlottesville Salt Lake City, UT
12/30/17 Top Fight Back! articles of 2017 United States
12/29/17 Top movies of 2017 Jacksonville, FL
8/26/17 Travel: Socialist history in the Slovenian town of Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia
11/15/17 Trump and Duterte face massive protests in Philippines Manila, Philippines