Thursday December 8, 2022
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3/10/17 Students shut down University of Utah administration Salt Lake City, UT
4/09/17 No war on Syria! Sunday protest in Salt Lake City will denounce Trump’s attacks Salt Lake City, UT
9/19/17 Utah protest defends DACA, demands legalization for all Salt Lake City, UT
8/24/17 SLC rallies to end the war on the homeless Salt Lake City, UT
4/29/17 Salt Lake’s workers and immigrants to celebrate May Day, rally against Trump’s agenda Salt Lake City, UT
1/11/17 Salt Lake City prepares a march against Trump's inauguration Salt Lake City, UT
5/22/17 Southern California demonstrators join worldwide March Against Monsanto San Diego, CA
6/26/17 Republican Senate health care bill just as bad as the House version San José, CA
3/21/17 Solidarity march and rally will stand with American Muslim community San Jose, CA
5/24/17 Trump’s budget is opening shot in new war on poor and working class San José, CA
5/09/17 The fight for immigrant rights under Trump San José, CA
3/28/17 Japanese American and American Muslim solidarity march San José, CA
3/19/17 Trump budget: Attacks on poor and working class, claims tax cuts for rich ‘compassionate’ San José, CA
5/05/17 House Republicans pass Trumpcare Version 2 San José, CA
8/15/17 San José stands with Charlottesville San José, CA
3/08/17 The House Republican health care bill from hell San José, CA
6/03/17 Republicans make federal default a possibility San José, CA
6/27/17 Justice for Japanese Latin Americans! San José, CA
7/20/17 Republican Senate health proposals go from bad to worse San José, CA
2/20/17 Record turnout for San Jose Day of Remembrance San José, CA
3/14/17 Republican Health Care Plan: Cut health insurance for tens of millions of working-class Americans San José, CA
5/15/17 16th annual Palestine Cultural Day in San José San José, CA
1/10/17 Robin Hood in reverse: Eliminating Affordable Care Act taxes, tax credits means billions for the wealthy San José, CA
5/26/17 Trumpcare version 2: Just as bad or worse San José, CA
6/11/17 Japanese Americans join Unity Vigil San José, CA