Saturday April 1, 2023
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4/08/17 Violent NYPD Attacks Anti-war March New York, New York
4/08/17 Activists in Lufkin, TX protest Trump's attack on Syria Luftkin, TX
4/07/17 Vicious police attack on Jacksonville anti-war protest Jacksonville, FL
4/07/17 Minneapolis set to protest Trump’s attack on Syria Minneapolis, MN
4/07/17 Chicago: Beloved teacher fired for defending students Chicago, IL
4/06/17 Anti-war leader denounces Trump’s attack on Syria Minneapolis, MN
4/06/17 Angry parents protest proposed KIPP charter school in ELA Los Angles, CA
4/06/17 All Out for Rasmea’s April 25 plea hearing in Detroit! United States
4/05/17 Protest at city hall against police brutality turns chaotic after city council ignores grieving family Houston, TX
4/04/17 PFLP warns against ongoing meetings with representatives of the occupation Palestine
4/03/17 Trump’s “Crime Victims' Rights Week” targets immigrants Washington D.C.
4/02/17 Cuba’s workers and farmers express solidarity with Venezuela and President Maduro Minneapolis, MN
4/01/17 Stand with Venezuela’s President Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution Milwaukee, WI
3/30/17 Welfare Rights Committee blasts ‘insulting’ 13-dollar increase in Minnesota welfare grants Saint Paul, MN
3/29/17 In-depth analysis of crisis on Korean Peninsula: U.S. threatens war Washington DC
3/28/17 SDS and SJP host discussion on the ‘Black Radical Tradition and Palestine’ Houston, Texas
3/28/17 Japanese American and American Muslim solidarity march San José, CA
3/26/17 PFLP: Sharp break with the Oslo approach necessary Palestine
3/25/17 LAPD kills 1st Chicano this year in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
3/25/17 Minnesotans counter Trump with ‘No more deportations’ protest St. Paul, MN
3/24/17 U.S. persecutes Latin American leftists abroad Minneapolis, MN
3/23/17 Community takes over city council meeting to demand justice for Cordale Handy Saint Paul, MN
3/23/17 Rasmea Odeh accepts a plea agreement with no prison time United States
3/21/17 Solidarity march and rally will stand with American Muslim community San Jose, CA
3/20/17 Kids Against Trump march in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN