Wednesday March 22, 2023
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7/18/17 PFLP warns against a complete breakdown in essential life and health services in the Gaza Strip Palestine
4/04/17 PFLP warns against ongoing meetings with representatives of the occupation Palestine
7/03/17 PFLP: Arrests of our leaders will not deter us from continuing resistance Palestine
11/22/17 PFLP: Attack on the Resistance is a U.S.-Zionist decision with Arab agents Palestine
12/01/17 PFLP: Deporting Comrade Leila Khaled from Italy will not silence the voice of the Palestinian people Palestine
10/19/17 PFLP: October 17 remains a heroic example of resistance Palestine
12/06/17 PFLP: Our struggle - not Trump - will decide the fate of Jerusalem Palestine
3/26/17 PFLP: Sharp break with the Oslo approach necessary Palestine
9/17/17 PFLP: Those who meet with the occupier stand with the enemies of the people Palestine
5/15/17 PFLP: We stand behind Ahmad Sa’adat and the prisoners’ movement in the battle of dignity Palestine
1/26/17 Philadelphia marches against Trump and Republican lawmakers’ meeting Philadelphia, PA
7/06/17 Philippines, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, a priority for intervention says US Special Operations Command Philippines
4/11/17 Photos show Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams knew peace rally disrupter Gary Snow Jacksonville, FL
1/17/17 Police killing of Marcus Golden remembered in St. Paul St. Paul, MN
8/23/17 Police use tear gas and rubber bullets at Trump protest in Phoenix Tucson, AZ
8/23/17 Police use tear gas and rubber bullets at Trump protest in Phoenix Tucson, AZ
4/16/17 POWIR stands with the Jax5: Drop the charges now! Jacksonville, FL
7/14/17 Premiere screening of ‘Palestine: Why the Caged Dove Sings’ Minneapolis, MN
11/24/17 President Duterte tyrannical saboteur of peace negotiations Philippines
3/05/17 Progressives clash with Trump supporters at MN state capitol St. Paul, MN
4/05/17 Protest at city hall against police brutality turns chaotic after city council ignores grieving family Houston, TX
5/29/17 Protest at Dayton-owned restaurant says ‘Immigrants at the table, not on the menu’ Minneapolis, MN
1/30/17 Protest at LAX against Muslim ban Los Angeles, CA
6/26/17 Protest at Twin Cites Pride: “No cops, no KKK, no racist Pride today!” Minneapolis, MN
6/13/17 Protest demands New Hope fire cop who questioned Ariel Vences-Lopez’s immigration status on public transit New Hope, MN