Wednesday February 8, 2023
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1/31/17 Racist shooter of Black protesters testifies in Minneapolis court Minneapolis, MN
3/24/17 U.S. persecutes Latin American leftists abroad Minneapolis, MN
1/21/17 6000 join massive Minnesota protest against Donald Trump inauguration Minneapolis, MN
4/15/17 Minneapolis slams escalation of war on Afghanistan, demands “Hands off Korea” MInneapolis, MN
6/09/17 Twin Cites community leaders speak out against anti-Muslim bigots Minneapolis, MN
3/16/17 Minnesota to protest revised Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
11/20/17 Interview with Jose Maria Sison on People’s War in Philippines now available as pamphlet Minneapolis, MN
9/24/17 U of MN workers say no to poverty wages, crash elite fundraising event Minneapolis, MN
8/07/17 Twin Cites anti-war leader speaks out against mosque bombing Minneapolis, MN
4/09/17 Minneapolis protest demands “Hands off Syria” Minneapolis, MN
9/21/17 Minneapolis immigrant rights activists launch ‘Sanctuary Platform,’ demand action at city council meeting Minneapolis, MN
5/07/17 Jamar Clark remembered on his 26th birthday Minneapolis, MN
11/10/17 Twin Cites protest slams Trump war moves against north Korea Minneapolis, MN
5/29/17 Protest at Dayton-owned restaurant says ‘Immigrants at the table, not on the menu’ Minneapolis, MN
1/31/17 15,000 march in Minneapolis against Trump’s Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
5/16/17 Twin Cities bannering marks Al-Nakba Minneapolis, MN
5/27/17 Six reasons why we must oppose Sheriff Clarke milwaukee, WI
6/13/17 Milwaukee reels from last night’s police lakefront shooting Milwaukee, WI
7/14/17 YPRC organizes ‘Resist and Flourish’ summer school Milwaukee, WI
3/10/17 Milwaukee Public Museum workers fight layoffs Milwaukee, WI
6/27/17 Milwaukee rallies for Cuba and Venezuela Milwaukee, WI
2/21/17 Milwaukee march says ‘Not my president’ Milwaukee, WI
9/07/17 High turnout for Milwaukee Labor Day parade Milwaukee, WI
12/15/17 Milwaukee Labor Council confronts white supremacist Milwaukee, WI
1/31/17 People’s movement forces cancelation of Trump speech at a Harley-Davidson factory Milwaukee, WI