Friday December 2, 2022
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1/26/17 Philadelphia marches against Trump and Republican lawmakers’ meeting Philadelphia, PA
11/18/17 CPP to Trump: The Philippines is not a piece of real estate Philippines
10/07/17 Duterte’s conspiracy claims aim to set stage to clampdown on opposition Philippines
12/20/17 New People’s Army vows to fight, help oust Duterte Philippines
8/08/17 NDFP exposes CIA-instigated plot to eliminate Sison and Duterte Philippines
12/12/17 Communist Party of Philippines rejects ‘terrorist’ tag Philippines
8/06/17 CPP: “Duterte now a US foreign aggression tool for condemning North Korea” Philippines
2/15/17 Filipino communists condemn protest crackdown, “all-out war” against activists and civilians Philippines
7/06/17 Philippines, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, a priority for intervention says US Special Operations Command Philippines
12/27/17 Filipino people mark 49th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippines
11/24/17 President Duterte tyrannical saboteur of peace negotiations Philippines
9/30/17 On Duterte’s praise for so-called security alliance with US Philippines
8/22/17 Trump confronted in Phoenix Phoenix, AZ
5/31/17 Rhode Island casino workers ready to strike for health care Providence, RI
10/30/17 Puerto Rico: Teachers and families protest plan to close hundreds of public schools after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico
10/29/17 Puerto Rico: The political manipulation of death counts after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico
10/07/17 Puerto Rico struggles to rebuild despite U.S. domination Puerto Rico
1/29/17 Thousands converge on JFK Airport to protest Muslim ban Queens, NY
10/24/17 Some Puerto Rican schools still sheltering hundreds of displaced people as other schools reopen Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
7/03/17 Unions victorious after year-long battle against Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
11/04/17 WFTU World Working Youth Congress meets Italy Rome, Italy
11/11/17 U.S. delegation’s address to World Working Youth Congress in Rome Rome, Italy
5/12/17 Emergency protest and call-in campaign against ICE detaining immigrants in Saint Paul Saint Paul, MN
12/28/17 Protest music confronts the Trump era: 20 protest songs of 2017 Saint Paul, MN
6/10/17 Anti-Muslim bigots forced to flee at MN State Capitol Saint Paul, MN