Saturday April 1, 2023
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8/04/17 FRSO leader condemns Trump's endorsement of racist Cotton-Purdue ‘RAISE Act’ Washington D.C.
8/04/17 Jacksonville activists say remove confederate names and statues from public view Jacksonville, FL
8/04/17 Jacksonville fights for police accountability Jacksonville, FL
8/05/17 FRSO leader Steff Yorek condemns Trump signing of sanctions bill Minneapolis, MN
8/06/17 CPP: “Duterte now a US foreign aggression tool for condemning North Korea” Philippines
8/06/17 Aramark launder workers win big through struggle La Crosse, WI
8/07/17 Twin Cites anti-war leader speaks out against mosque bombing Minneapolis, MN
8/08/17 NDFP exposes CIA-instigated plot to eliminate Sison and Duterte Philippines
8/09/17 Minneapolis Public Schools votes to keep cops in schools Minneapolis, MN
8/09/17 North Korea military warns Trump: ‘War is by no means a game’ Washington, DC
8/10/17 Marianne Hamilton presente! Minneapolis, MN
8/10/17 Anti-imperialists meet in Canada Toronto, Canada
8/10/17 North Korea says Trump talks a 'load of nonsense,' mulls missile test landing in waters near Guam Washington D.C.
8/11/17 PFLP condemns EU court’s decision to keep Hamas on 'terror' list Palestine
8/12/17 Minneapolis protest says ‘No U.S. war in Korea’ Minneapolis, MN
8/12/17 Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns white supremacist attack in Charlottesville Charlottesville, VA
8/13/17 South Floridians rally for peace in Korea Fort Lauderdale, FL
8/14/17 Tallahassee: 400 stand in solidarity with Charlottesville Tallahassee, FL
8/14/17 Jacksonville rallies for Palestine, demands Israel stop bombing Gaza Jacksonville, FL
8/14/17 Hundreds march in Milwaukee, stand with Charlottesville Milwaukee, WI
8/15/17 San José stands with Charlottesville San José, CA
8/15/17 Protesters march at pretrial hearing of cop who killed Laquan McDonald Chicago, IL
8/15/17 Jacksonville rallies for Charlottesville Jacksonville, FL
8/15/17 Thousands of Utahns at anti-racist rally in solidarity with Charlottesville Salt Lake City, UT
8/16/17 1000 march in Minneapolis, oppose white supremacist attack in Charlottesville Minneapolis, MN