Sunday November 28, 2021
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10/10/17 MN says #NoMuslimBanEver Minneapolis, MN
10/15/17 Jose Maria Sison: On the significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution Minneapolis, MN
8/16/17 1000 march in Minneapolis, oppose white supremacist attack in Charlottesville Minneapolis, MN
5/05/17 More protests in Twin Cities against U.S. military threats against north Korea Minneapolis, MN
12/28/17 Minneapolis protest against racism, police crimes and corporate greed set for Super Bowl Minneapolis, MN
3/19/17 Minneapolis anti-war march blasts Trump’s wars Minneapolis, MN
7/23/17 Minneapolis rallies against ‘Endless U.S. Wars’ Minneapolis, MN
6/13/17 Racist gets off with plea deal in shooting of Justice 4 Jamar protesters Minneapolis, MN
11/02/17 University of Minnesota Teamsters approve strike authorization vote by large margin Minneapolis, MN
1/28/17 Build the fight against Trump’s attacks Minneapolis, MN
8/12/17 Minneapolis protest says ‘No U.S. war in Korea’ Minneapolis, MN
9/05/17 2500 march in Minneapolis demanding ‘Hands off DACA! No more deportations!’ Minneapolis, MN
5/02/17 Minneapolis May 1 march for immigrant and workers’ rights Minneapolis, MN
7/14/17 Premiere screening of ‘Palestine: Why the Caged Dove Sings’ Minneapolis, MN
4/29/17 Thousands join People's Climate Solidarity March in Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN
2/18/17 Thousands join Minneapolis solidarity march with immigrants and refugees Minneapolis, MN
1/24/17 Trump memorandums push construction of Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone XL Minneapolis, MN
2/17/17 U of MN students prepare for ‘Not My President's Day’ to demand sanctuary campus Minneapolis, MN
6/06/17 UPS and temp company sued for firing Muslim workers who want to pray Minneapolis, MN
12/17/17 Twin Cites Dec. 20 peace vigil: No war for the holidays Minneapolis, MN
3/08/17 Hundreds join FRSO International Women’s Day march Minneapolis, MN
4/07/17 Minneapolis set to protest Trump’s attack on Syria Minneapolis, MN
12/14/17 Video: County Attorney Exposed on Damond Case Minneapolis, MN
6/28/17 Minneapolis protest set against Trump’s revised Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
12/06/17 Solidarity march with Muslims and immigrants set for Human Rights Day Minneapolis, MN