Saturday April 1, 2023
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7/13/17 Corrupt Teamster leader John Coli faces federal charges for extorting $100,000 Chicago, IL
7/14/17 YPRC organizes ‘Resist and Flourish’ summer school Milwaukee, WI
7/14/17 Premiere screening of ‘Palestine: Why the Caged Dove Sings’ Minneapolis, MN
7/17/17 Chicanos, Latinos and Blacks unite against LAPD, oppose police terror Los Angeles, CA
7/17/17 Jacksonville speaks out against JSO police crimes Jacksonville, FL
7/18/17 PFLP warns against a complete breakdown in essential life and health services in the Gaza Strip Palestine
7/18/17 Vigil held for woman murdered by Minneapolis police Minneapolis, MN
7/20/17 Republican Senate health proposals go from bad to worse San José, CA
7/20/17 Minneapolis July 22 protest to say no to endless U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
7/21/17 Chicago Teachers Union files lawsuit to defend Sarah Chambers Chicago, IL
7/23/17 Minneapolis anti-police terror movement shuts down Mayor Hodges press conference Minneapolis, MN
7/23/17 St. Paul protest demands end to U.S. aid to Israel St. Paul, MN
7/23/17 Minneapolis rallies against ‘Endless U.S. Wars’ Minneapolis, MN
7/24/17 PFLP Prison Branch: We urge the formation of a national leadership to lead the open struggle with the occupation United States
7/25/17 ATU bus drivers shut down west Michigan politicians Grand Rapids, Michigan
7/25/17 Step forward in Chicago fight for special education Chicago, IL
7/26/17 Jacksonville activists demand police accountability at city council Jacksonville, FL
7/26/17 Stand with Rasmea at her sentencing August 17 United States
7/26/17 Tucson to tell Trump: Hands off Venezuela! Tucson, AZ
7/28/17 Parents of Jesse Romero angered by LAPD Police Commission decisions Los Angeles, CA
7/30/17 El Salvador: Central American gathering in solidarity with Cuba San Salvador, El Salvador
8/01/17 Aramark laundry workers walk off the job La Crosse, WI
8/01/17 Demand freedom for jailed Palestinian leaders Khalida Jarrar and Khitam Saafin United States
8/02/17 Cuba stands with the people of Venezuela Washington D.C.
8/03/17 Film review: Atomic Blonde Houston, TX