Friday August 12, 2022
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2/02/17 Racist found guilty for shooting #Justice4Jamar protesters Minneapolis, MN
4/12/17 MN protests growing U.S. wars at Sen. Klobuchar’s office Minneapolis, MN
9/05/17 2500 march in Minneapolis demanding ‘Hands off DACA! No more deportations!’ Minneapolis, MN
7/18/17 Vigil held for woman murdered by Minneapolis police Minneapolis, MN
8/09/17 Minneapolis Public Schools votes to keep cops in schools Minneapolis, MN
10/28/17 Minnesota says no war threats on Korea Minneapolis, MN
4/29/17 Leaders of Resist from Day One Coalition announce plans for massive Twin Cities May Day march Minneapolis, MN
8/05/17 FRSO leader Steff Yorek condemns Trump signing of sanctions bill Minneapolis, MN
7/06/17 Minneapolis to host the premier of documentary ‘Palestine: Why the Caged Dove Sings’ Minneapolis, MN
11/12/17 Minneapolis students walk out to defend DACA and TPS Minneapolis, MN
3/08/17 Lynne Stewart tribute Minneapolis, MN
10/08/17 100-plus join Minneapolis anti-war protest Minneapolis, MN
9/10/17 U of MN workers protest opening of $4 billion fundraising campaign, say they won’t be driven into poverty Minneapolis, MN
11/07/17 Nov. 9 protest to say no U.S. war on north Korea Minneapolis, MN
1/21/17 The election of Donald Trump and women’s liberation Minneapolis, MN
1/28/17 Minnesotans to protest Muslim ban, attacks on immigrants Minneapolis, MN
5/02/17 Margaret Sarfehjooy, prominent Minnesota peace activist, remembered Minneapolis, MN
1/20/17 Twin Cites Home Depot janitors strike against poverty wages, Trump Minneapolis, MN
10/03/17 October 7 Minneapolis protest to speak out against U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
7/20/17 Minneapolis July 22 protest to say no to endless U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
5/01/17 2000 march in Minneapolis on International Workers Day Minneapolis, MN
2/18/17 Minnesotans march against racist Muslim ban and attacks on immigrants Minneapolis, MN
12/23/17 Minneapolis protest slams Trump’s Jerusalem announcement Minneapolis, MN
8/10/17 Marianne Hamilton presente! Minneapolis, MN
11/20/17 “The October Revolution and Some Lessons for The Struggle for Socialism in the U.S.” available as pamphlet Minneapolis, MN