Saturday March 25, 2023
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6/03/17 PFLP commends Lebanese boycott movement on victory in “Wonder Woman” campaign Palestine
6/03/17 Republicans make federal default a possibility San José, CA
6/04/17 Jacksonville activists demand community control of the police Jacksonville, FL
6/06/17 UPS and temp company sued for firing Muslim workers who want to pray Minneapolis, MN
6/07/17 Miami activists to rally at U.S. Southern Command to demand closure of Guantanamo Bay prison Miami, FL
6/07/17 Niger: The WFTU strongly condemns the death of more than 40 refugees United States
6/07/17 Houston protest demands justice for John Hernandez Houston, TX
6/08/17 Twin River Casino workers vote to strike Lincoln, RI
6/09/17 Anti-War Committee to join Saturday protest against anti-Muslim bigots Saint Paul, MN
6/09/17 The Jacksonville 5 speak out after beating police repression in the Deep South Jacksonville, FL
6/09/17 Twin Cites community leaders speak out against anti-Muslim bigots Minneapolis, MN
6/09/17 U of MN unions hold their own hearing on budget after regents cancel public testimony Minneapolis, MN
6/10/17 Anti-Muslim bigots forced to flee at MN State Capitol Saint Paul, MN
6/11/17 Chicago charter school union votes to unify with Chicago Teachers Union Chicago, IL
6/11/17 PFLP statement on the 50th anniversary of the June defeat: struggle to confront Zionism and imperialism Palestine
6/11/17 Japanese Americans join Unity Vigil San José, CA
6/12/17 Milwaukee police shoot two at busy beachfront Milwaukee, WI
6/13/17 Milwaukee reels from last night’s police lakefront shooting Milwaukee, WI
6/13/17 Racist gets off with plea deal in shooting of Justice 4 Jamar protesters Minneapolis, MN
6/13/17 Protest demands New Hope fire cop who questioned Ariel Vences-Lopez’s immigration status on public transit New Hope, MN
6/14/17 Day of verdict: Justice4Philando emergency response set Saint Paul, MN
6/16/17 Massive protest underway protesting verdict in case of Philando Castile St. Paul, MN
6/16/17 Massive protest underway protesting verdict in case of Philando Castile St. Paul, MN
6/18/17 Chicago protest slams acquittal of the cop that killed Philando Castile in Minnesota Chicago, IL
6/19/17 Film review: "All Eyez on Me" Houston, TX