Monday May 29, 2023
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5/19/17 Oscar López Rivera, freed Puerto Rican political prisoner, welcomed home to Chicago Chicago, IL
2/17/17 Oppose the use of National Guard for deportation of undocumented immigrants Washington D.C.
2/15/17 On the passing of fighter for justice and people’s lawyer Ted Dooley Minneapolis, MN
9/30/17 On Duterte’s praise for so-called security alliance with US Philippines
10/03/17 October 7 Minneapolis protest to speak out against U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
4/27/17 NYC students shut down former Obama's Middle East adviser's pro-imperialism talk NYC, NY
11/20/17 NYC protests killings of Colombian activists New York, NY
5/02/17 NYC May Day Celebrated at Union Square New York, New York
9/13/17 NYC activists stand in solidarity with Durham New York, NY
11/07/17 Nov. 9 protest to say no U.S. war on north Korea Minneapolis, MN
1/21/17 Northeastern University workers strike protests Trump’s policies Boston, MA
1/19/17 Northeastern University workers announce Inauguration Day strike Boston, MA
9/24/17 Northeastern University food service workers prepare to strike Boston, MA
10/16/17 Northeastern University dining hall workers win incredible victory Boston, MA
10/05/17 Northeastern dining hall workers vote to authorize strike Boston, MA
1/23/17 North Texas Resistance leads Inauguration Day anti-Trump protest Dallas, TX
1/23/17 North Texas Resistance leads Inauguration Day anti-Trump protest Dallas, TX
8/10/17 North Korea says Trump talks a 'load of nonsense,' mulls missile test landing in waters near Guam Washington D.C.
8/09/17 North Korea military warns Trump: ‘War is by no means a game’ Washington, DC
4/09/17 No war on Syria! Sunday protest in Salt Lake City will denounce Trump’s attacks Salt Lake City, UT
6/07/17 Niger: The WFTU strongly condemns the death of more than 40 refugees United States
9/26/17 NFL players take action against Trump and police brutality Jacksonville, FL
10/04/17 New Yorkers Resist Wars on Oct. 7 New York, New York
2/18/17 New Yorkers protest Trump and Netanyahu meeting New York, NY
3/14/17 New Yorkers protest demands justice for Basel Al-Araj New York, New York