Friday December 2, 2022
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11/05/17 New York City protests 100 years of Balfour Declaration New York, NY
12/13/17 New York celebrates 50 years of the PFLP New York, NY
11/09/17 New York celebrates 100 years of socialist revolution New York, NY
4/16/17 New York activists protest U.S. bombing in Afghanistan New York, NY
1/16/17 New York activists demand the release of PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat! New York, NY
10/18/17 The October Revolution and some lessons for the struggle for socialism in the U.S. New York, NY
11/20/17 The Freedom Road Socialist Organization salutes the Workers World Party National Conference 2017 New York, NY
2/18/17 New Yorkers protest Trump and Netanyahu meeting New York, NY
11/29/17 #MeToo Campaign and Beyond: Combating Sexual Violence New York, NY
11/20/17 NYC protests killings of Colombian activists New York, NY
10/09/17 New York rallies against 16 years of war New York, NY
12/12/17 New York protest demands end to killings in the Philippines New York, NY
12/09/17 Thousands in NYC say, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” New York, NY
9/13/17 NYC activists stand in solidarity with Durham New York, NY
3/19/17 New York protests of the murder of Basil al-Araj continue New York, New York
3/14/17 New Yorkers protest demands justice for Basel Al-Araj New York, New York
4/08/17 Violent NYPD Attacks Anti-war March New York, New York
11/06/17 Labor opposes New York State Constitutional Convention New York, New York
10/04/17 New Yorkers Resist Wars on Oct. 7 New York, New York
5/02/17 NYC May Day Celebrated at Union Square New York, New York
1/23/17 New Orleans working people march against Trump New Orleans, LA
6/13/17 Protest demands New Hope fire cop who questioned Ariel Vences-Lopez’s immigration status on public transit New Hope, MN
4/02/17 Cuba’s workers and farmers express solidarity with Venezuela and President Maduro Minneapolis, MN
1/06/17 Broad coalition to protest on inauguration day in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
9/07/17 Twin Cities peace vigil speaks out on war crisis in Korea Minneapolis, MN